Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Takin' it easy

I have stressed myself out about this summer's activities. Somehow, I have decided that it's HORRIBLE that Chase and I have no friends here. HORRIBLE. Why is it horrible to spend the summer hanging out with my favorite boy? He is great fun, he's interesting to talk to, he's willing to do almost anything I'm willing to pay for...and I enjoy spending time with him. Yesterday, for example, we did absolutely nuthin' until after lunch. We read, we (ok, he) played Gameboy, we chatted, but we didn't do anything! It was a nice morning!!!

A good friend mentioned that her fear, after spending a morning like that, is that "this may become the new normal." I agree, that it would be easy to get into a rut of doing nuthin' every morning, which wouldn't be healthy, but I'm determined that won't happen. But, a day, now and then, with no agenda and too much time being electronically-entertained while your mother reads a book next to you just isn't going to kill anyone!

Today, we have plans. We're going to a free movie at 10, then headed to the Strip to buy tickets to a Cirque de Soleil show, then to the children's museum. We'll be busy!!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I went to the Bible study at the 1st Church of the Holy Fog Machine, and it was great! There were probably 50+ women there, and I even met a couple! No morally-grounded 10 year old boys yet, but give me time - I'll find them!! :)


Anonymous said...

It's our "Protestant work ethic". Somewhere it became immoral to sit around enjoying your kids or your books. It makes me afraid somebody is going to catch me slacking.

carolyn said...

I moved a LOT as a kid and I know - as you know - that you will find all you need in the new town. But dang I bet it's hot inthe summer!