Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The day I'm having

I started to think of the different "kinds" of days one can have.

Bad days
Good days
Bad hair days, but still a good day day
Rainy days
Sunny days
Blue days
Grey days
Just plain old days

And the list goes on and on. I think most people's every day-kind of day falls in the last category. "How was your day, dear?" Is usually answered by divine hubby with a "Fine. (divine hubby, while divine, isn't very talkative)" Sometimes with a more enthusiastic answer, either good or bad, or sometimes with a story or two, but usually the day is simply fine. When you are new in a city where no one ventures outside, and you alone are responsible for the overseeing and entertainment of a very precocious 10-yr-old boy, your day is a little more defined. A good day is defined by being busy and occupied for a majority of it.

For example - there is a free movie being shown every Tuesday and Wednesday here. Today's offerings are Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles and a Veggie Tales movie. Chase refuses to see TMNJ for reasons I have not yet been able to discern, so I informed him that we're headed to see Bob and Larry sing and dance this morning. He's a little less than thrilled, but Veggie Tales is always funny, once you get into it.

My day, so far, is feelin' kinda blue. Not really sure why - I went to the Beth Moore Bible Study at the 1st Church of the Holy Fog Machine last night, and it was REALLY good! I even met someone new (whose name I have already forgotten...) and we chatted afterwards for awhile. I came home feeling really good about life and things in general. I guess I should have gotten out of bed on the other side this morning, because that feeling of wellness didn't last until today.

So, that's my morning whine...if you need to share your morning whine, call me or respond here - I'd love to hear what's wrong with YOUR life for a change! :)

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