Thursday, February 25, 2010


So, just when ya think you've got your life all figured out and things are swimming along smoothly, BAM! Life hits ya right between the eyes, right? Our little STQ family knows that all too well. We have moved, relocated, transferred and just flat out disappeared from a LOT of different zip codes these past five years. Each time, we thought we were all settled, and GAZINGA! here it came. SO, I refuse to use the "s" word here in Vegas (the "s" word in question here is "settled"...sadly, I do occasionally use the REAL "s" word, but I digress...). It's funny, we love our little house and our neighborhood is wonderful and full of nice kids, but it's been almost a year in this house, and hubby and I are starting to get that "let's put all of our crap in cardboard boxes, rent a U-Haul and shlep it somewhere" look in our eyes. Not really, but kinda.

We are pretty settled here in Vegas. Not quite settled enough that we are buying a house, but settled enough that we are looking at open houses on the weekends. Sometimes. Except when we decide we are absolutely NOT going to buy a house and that's final. But then, we find one that is nice, in the area and inexpensive...and the whole process starts over again.

There was a house this past week that looked perfect. REALLY close to school, in our price range, nice neighborhood, one-story, pool... :) but it would have required an offer, oh, say, within two hours of our having seen it.


Divine hubby and I (ok, more him than me, but there's no surprise there!!!) wisely decided that it's not a good idea to rush into spending a gazillion dollars for something if it's not perfect and we don't have the time to really think, ponder, mull and otherwise study it to death. So, we passed. And I'm glad, except when I'm not. Ya know?

Anyway, the question is...ARE we buying a house? Um, not today. Maybe tomorrow? But definitely not today. Unless I see an open house sign on the way to school in a bit... :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Grad school and the dog

We have a 14-yr-old Corgi-daschund mix (read: mutt) named Rusty. We got him from the pound in Austin on December 20, 1996. He is our little red-headed dynamo! As a matter of fact, unless you look at his teeth (or lack thereof), you would never believe he's a day over 5 or 6. He has been a great dog, and we have enjoyed him over the years. He loves many things in life, but several specific things rise to the top:

1. His dog door (ok, we love that too. 14-yr-old bladders don't hold as much as they once did..)
2. His morning treat
3. Popcorn, cheese and any kind of meat that might drop from the table
4. His daily walk

Well, since I've been in grad school in the evenings and Divine Hubby is busier with Chase's activities, homework, etc., poor old Rusty isn't getting his daily constitutional every day. It's more like his bi-weekly constitutional these days. Consequently, he lays around in my view with a stricken look on his little graying face. It's pathetic.
We already get up at 5:15am every day...I should probably get up at 4:30 and take the mutt for a walk, right? It would be good for this graying girl as well as her pooch. I have great intentions, and I set the alarm and everything but alas. My body simply resists the urge to see the light of day before 5:15! Maybe tomorrow. Hope springs eternal, Rusty!!! :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Conflict and resolution

Ok, I'm taking a poll. Who out there just LOVES conflict? Raise your hands.


No one?

Oh, well there's you, but...


Divine Hubby and I have decided to declare our house a conflict-free zone. We hope the children will join us in this new peace treaty, but find it doubtful.

I also think I'll have to wait until after Smackdown is over before all conflict will cease in the STQ's pretty contentious and my boys just LOVE to fight during the show!

My parents are wondering "Who hijacked my STQ's blog and wrote such silly statements??"

When I was but a svelte young thing, I would argue the paint off the wall. I argued from my 13th birthday until the day I left for college (and if memory serves, I might have shouted a few arguments out the window as I drove out of town...). As a teenager, I loved nothing better than a good old-fashioned shouting match with my Dad in the kitchen.

Good times. :)

As an adult, I have grown to truly despise contention, arguing, strife and conflict in general. I'd like to say it's because I have become such a deep Christian and now represent the words of the Beatitudes (blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called Children of God), but really it's cause it makes my stomach hurt, makes me cry and then my eyes swell up and I look like crap for 24 hours or so. I know, I'm deep. It's a gift.

Anyway, I have banished all conflict from my life. I'm moving to Tibet and going to live on a mountain with the goats and meditate on my navel for the rest of my natural life.

Except it's probably hot in Tibet. And cold. And is there humidity? I am NOT going to live there if there's humidity. Ooh, and are there bugs? Eeeewwww. Otherwise? I'm SO there.