Thursday, October 8, 2009

Are you still out there??

The beginning of the school year has kicked my booty! I've been busy, tired, lazy and just plain didn't wanna blog. But, I'm over it.

Some funny things have happened lately and I have been dying to tell you about them:

1. I subbed today in a 6th grade math class (heaven help me) and there were two funny things.
a. The teacher had a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Barack Obama standing in the corner. So, I had our esteemed commander-in-chief smiling over my shoulder all day. The funny thing is that I kept catching sight of a man standing in the corner and it surprised me all day. I kept thinking, "Who is that man in the corner." It was funny how often it surprised me when I caught a glimpse of him!!!
b. During my third period class, I was taking roll and while many of the kids had hyphenated last names, one in particular was funny. His name was Anthony Rodriguez-Rodriguez. Yep, sportsfans, his parents went to all of the trouble to hyphenate his name when they both had the same last name (even spelled the same!!). HILARIOUS!!

2. September 22 was my (ahem) 41st birthday. If you are friends with me on Facebook, you heard that once or twice...For my birthday, my parents flew me to SC to attend my niece's second birthday party. It was quite the soiree, I'll tell ya! It rained nearly the entire weekend, but mercifully the rain stopped during the actual party. Because the kids were all two-ish, the party was planned to be outdoors, and thankfully, the rain stopped long enough that the party was able to be held outdoors. There was a playscape (wet), swings (soaked), a big, beautiful backyard (drenched) and about 12 giant balls scattered around the big beautiful backyard for playing with. I will tell ya that I've never seen quite so many little girls in smocked dresses quite so wet, muddy and happy! The party was an absolute hit and I give total kudos to my sister-in-law and her mom for planning it!

3. After the party, I had to hop on a plane and head back to Vegas. I had to fly a commuter plane into Atlanta and it was delayed time and time again. We finally got on the plane and headed to Atlanta. As we were landing in Atlanta, it was flooding. The plane was silent as lightning crashed and crackled all around the plane for the last 15 minutes we were in the air. It was an eerie sight and I wondered how often lightning strikes planes...

Basically, over the past month Chase has had roughly 87 projects at school, I am juggling my two part-time jobs, we are in the middle of flag football season (5-0 baby - GO CRUSADERS!!!) and generally life is crazy. I am hoping to blog more, I am planning to blog more often. There have been some other things that have happened recently that I deemed blog-worthy, but I can't come up with them all now...