Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fog Machines

When we visited Las Vegas over Easter, we went to a church with 5000+ people (eek) and a fog machine. Yes, I did say a fog machine. I was talking to a friend this morning who thought I said SLOT machine. VERY different, I assure you! But I digress...

Anyway, we have not gone back to this church because of said fog machine. NOW, today I was feeling kind of sorry for myself (I do that a lot in case you hadn't noticed), and said to myself...SELF?


Exactly where in the Bible does it say that having a fog machine is a sin?

Ummmm, I don't remember exactly...maybe in Ecclesiastes...

NO. Ok, maybe I haven't read Ecclesiastes recently, but a quick perusal of a good Bible Concordance shows absolutely NO reference to having a fog machine. Either good or bad.

Um, ok, well it's weird.

Ok, a lot of things are weird, but it's not a reason to write the church off completely, now is it?

Well...I don't know.

I mean, a huge church PROBABLY has a mom or two...


WITH a morally-grounded 10-yr-old son, possibly?


Yes, I do talk to myself, and often out loud. Makes divine hubby wonder if I've lost my mind sometimes! Anyway, so I went to the 1st Church of the Holy Fog Machine's really cool website and found a great Beth Moore Bible study on Daniel that I started in Denver, but wasn't able to finish. AND they are starting where I left off, AND it's at night, so I can go. So, call me a fog-machiner, but I'm headed there on Monday night, and I'm excited about it!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What is a Christian to do with Harry Potter?

I should probably have put that title in italics - it's the name of a book I'm reading. We visited a church on Sunday that offered a Tuesday night class (or should I call it a support group) for we Christians who LOVE Harry. I love him, I just can't help it. And NO, I'm not referring to Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who plays HP in the movies (although he is getting awfully handsome as he grows up), I am referring to the character and the books.

I went to the class last night, and while I was disappointed in the turn-out (there were three of us and the first two were the couple moderating the class), it was very interesting. Last night's discussion was about power. We discussed the main characters in the books, what kind (and amount) of power they have and how they use it. It was a great discussion, and there were kinds of power shown in the books I hadn't thought of. We compared the power of the characters in HP to the power discussed in the Bible and discussed the fact that while there are many different kinds of power in this world (social, political, intellectual, evil, religious, parental...),true power comes from and belongs only to God and has everything to do with love.

I have several friends who have expressed dismay and even alarm that I would read the books myself, much less encourage my children to read them. I respond that these books are fantasy, and not witchcraft. True witchcraft, or occult, has nothing to do with pointing a stick in the air and shouting, "Lumos" in order to have it light up like a torch. HP has nothing whatsoever to do with Satan or the occult, and I certainly would not encourage the reading of them in my family if they did. I see no difference at all between the wizards of HP and the wizards in Lord of the Rings. It's been argued that LOTR was written by an author with a Christian worldview. Do we know for a fact that JK Rowling is a practicing witch? Might she be a Christian??? I haven't found any information that says she is not, and she is on record as a member of the Church of England. Besides, I read a lot of books that are by authors that I know nothing about, and certainly I do not know their worldview. Chase is reading the Animorph series, which have lots of other-worldly stuff and magic-y kinds of stuff, and I know nothing about the author's worldview, but the books are fun which translates into him enjoying reading. That is worth everything, in my mind.

We had a great discussion, and the class was very enjoyable. I hope next week there are a few more participants, but if not, I will enjoy the class for what it is.

Hi, my name is STQ, and I LOVE Harry! :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

phone numbers and change

I got my new Las Vegas cell number today. (side note...check your email - I probably sent it to you...and if not, email me!!) There is something kind of sad about changing your phone number. It's like losing part of you! Of course, my phone numbers are just disposable - I've had thousands by now! But I digress...

With cell phones, when a caller calls your old number, they don't get a handy little recording telling them to call your new number. I think that's weird! I mean, can't they give me a month to get everything changed and everyone notified? I guess not. AGAIN, I digress...

So, like everything else, my numbers have changed. And like everything else, I am having to figure out a way to remember the new ones. My address change was easy, for some reason, but I am having a heck of a time remembering the new phone numbers. Chase and I have developed a chant for the home number, and I'm starting to remember that one, but Divine Hubby's? Forget it. Hope I don't get stranded with a dead cell phone someday, because his number absolutely has not stuck in my head. I know it starts with a 5, but that's as far as it goes.

Anyway, we're getting there - new cell numbers, new phone numbers, new house, new address, new grocery store, new church(es), new school. sigh

CALL ME - we're lonely here in Vegas.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Goldilocks and the 10,000 churches...

So, here is my dilemma.

1. We LOVED our church in Austin, because we attended for 10 years and even though it was really growing and becoming a big church, we knew a ton of people and it felt like home.

2. We LOVED our church in Green Bay, but felt it was a little too big (2000 people) and therefore a little impersonal. We became good friends with the minister right away, which helped us to get plugged in quickly, obviously, but only living there a year, we were just getting to really know people when we had to leave.

3. We LOVED our church in Denver, but honestly, what we loved the most was our small group and the preaching. Beyond our small group, we didn't get very involved in the year or so we were there, and therefore, the people we knew were pretty much confined to our small group and a few staff members. Probably if we could have stayed for 10 years, it would have felt like home, but honestly, it didn't yet.

4. So, now we are in Las Vegas. We have visited three churches. So far, we have seen an amazing drama with a fog machine (5000+ people church...too big), a beautiful stained glass window at a Lutheran church (way too high church for us), and today, a Methodist church that was nice, but way too small. See why I feel a little like Goldilocks?

Have you noticed that patience is not exactly my strong suit? :)

Me: Here I am, Vegas! I've been here nearly two weeks. Now give me three or four of your fantastic stay-home Christian moms of morally-grounded 10 yr old boys please, oh, and where is that wonderful not-too-big, but not-too-small church where all of you nice mommies of morally-grounded 10 yr old boys go? First Church of the Holy Unrealized Fantasies? Fantastic! Where do I sign up? :)

I am feeling more like this is truly going to be ok, though. I just need to find a church that is "just right" and I think things will start falling into place. If you had asked me 20 years ago if finding a CHURCH would be the primary thing I was working on when moving to a new place, I would have said you were nuts. Funny how a little (ahem) age and (maybe) just a smidge of wisdom changes things, isn't it?

Friday, June 20, 2008


Maybe Chase is a little old to call it a playdate, but he has plans to hang out with a kid his age tomorrow I feel such a sense of relief, and have been sending fervent prayers to the Big Guy upstairs that THIS will be Chase's very best friend in the entire world. I know, I know, we've been here a week. Have some patience. NO. I WON'T have patience. I have moved ten thousand times, I have uprooted my sweet son ten thousand times from his friends and family, and I WILL NOT be patient. So, there!

Ok, so maybe I'll have to be a little bit patient, but I am honestly hoping and praying that this boy will be a friend. We have met a few people, but no one with boys Chase's age. Today was tough - we really didn't do anything. And tomorrow, we are going to finish unpacking, hanging pictures, etc. Or at least give it the old college try at finishing.

So, if you think of it tomorrow at 10am PST, throw a prayer up for us. Chase needs a friend. I could use one too, but if Chase can make a good friend, we'll be halfway there.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why we love family

Chase just got home yesterday from a week-long trip to see his grandparents in South Carolina. I am sure Grandpa and Breen (what he calls his grandma...don't ask me why!) are sleeping in this morning! He was up at 6am and full of great stories this morning. Chase really enjoys spending time with his grandparents, and not just because they do everything he wants, like they claim. He truly adores them, for who they are.

He loves Breen because she is a tireless game lover like him. She will play Yahtzee until she just can't shake the dice anymore, and she is thrilled when he gets three Yahtzees in a single game (his mom pouts a little when that happens, sad to say). And he loves to cook with her. She is patient and is willing to let him do it all!

He loves Grandpa because he will throw the frisbee until his wrist falls off, shoot rockets with him and play Solitaire on the computer. Grandpa also makes up great bedtime stories about SuperDuck, Oh Heck, Mrs. Hahn and Oh Heck's brothers Oh Darn and Oh No!

Oh, and Chase also got to spend time with his uncle. They had a great time together at the beach. And Chase introduced his uncle to two things that are very important to Chase. Pokemon cards and the Percy Jackson & the Olympians books. Chase loves his uncle because he will throw Chase forever in the pool, he listens to Chase when he talks, and he honestly likes spending time with Chase. And there was something about a "Pinch Shark" but I am assured he is mostly harmless, if his head is above the water, that is...

Chase had another treat while in SC. They went on a friend's boat and a porpoise swam right up to their boat! It was very exciting for everyone involved.
Chase's trip to SC was full of activity, laughter, photography, seafood and love. I cherish my family, both my family of origin and our little family here in Las Vegas. As my dad would say..."We are so very blessed." He's right (as usual)! I love you guys.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's not my problem and it's not my fault

You know how you're skating along, thinking things are fine, thinking things are going the way they are supposed to be, and then BAM, one thing happens and everything crumbles to dust. Or at least it feels that way for awhile. Like a sudden illness, a lump, a layoff, or a change in a relationship. I hate that!

It doesn't take much for me to suddenly feel like nothing is what it seems and that big mistakes have been made. Today, it was an email. I have that oh, so familiar knot in my stomach, my heart is beating faster, and I feel a keen sense of dread for what is coming. I've been through it all so very many times before, and the feeling is NOT a new one, but it is a very unpleasant one.

So, I ask myself, SELF? What are you going to do about this feeling? Over the years, I have developed a mantra for such situations..."It's not my problem and it's not my fault." Usually saying that out loud a few times makes me feel better, but I hate feeling this way. I spent 10 years feeling this way almost every single day.

What's funny about me is that no matter the thousands of times I have felt this way, the situation has NEVER (ok, well, almost never) been as bad as I think it will be. It always gets resolved, it is always smoothed over and the world as I know it has never actually ended. But THIS time...I'm sure it will be fine as well. It's just working through it. It's spending the day (and maybe even tomorrow, I fear) with my old nemesis, the knot in my stomach. My problem is that I horrible-ize. I love to go over and over situations and think of the very worst things that can happen because of the situation, and then make that even worse. Maybe it's because of the sense of relief when the horrible thing DOESN'T happen? Not sure. But, I am good at it, man. I can come up with the very worst scenario, get through it, and start imagining how I'll pick up the pieces, if I even can. All before anything even happens! Makes my stomach hurt even more, but I do it every time. I'm already doing it this morning, and all because of a stupid, thoughtless, ridiculous email.

So, it's not my problem and it's not my fault. I feel better already. Thanks for listening, and if the world as we know it does indeed end, I'll let ya know.

Monday, June 16, 2008


I sometimes feel lonely, and I know that everyone feels lonely at one time or another. In each of our 3 moves, I have had this overwhelming feeling of loneliness right off the bat. I know what you are thinking...well, DUH!!! Of course you feel lonely when you really ARE alone in a new city. But, my loneliness usually means I stay home and rarely venture out. I want to meet new people, but it's such a daunting task! I mean, do you strike up a conversation with the lady examining the nectarines next to you in the grocery store? With the "dude" pumping gas into his Harley at the gas station? Or, I know. With the lady in front of you in line at the bank depositing $10,000 worth of nickels into her account? (This is Vegas, you know...)

This is the first move that we have made at the beginning of the summer. When school is out. When it is brutally hot. When everyone is hunkering down in the A/C to wait it out. So, how do I meet people now? Chase's suggestion is that we knock on the neighbors' doors and ask if they have kids. Hmmmmmmmmm. That's a little scary! Maybe I'll send Chase to do it while I hunker down in my A/C and wait for him to drag some nice lady over to be my friend.

In the south, when new neighbors move in, as good southern neighbors, you bring cookies, or brownies or bread or something and welcome them. That hasn't happened in any of the three moves we have made north of Texas. Maybe I should turn things around and bake and take treats to our neighbors? That would be weird, but it might be interesting, and it would certainly help me meet them.

So, I'm looking for ways to meet moms of 10-yr-old boys this week. Any suggestions?

Friday, June 13, 2008

One of the scariest questions ever

(Phone rings in Denver a month ago)
Me: "Hello?"
Divine Hubby: "So, the question you trust me?"
Me: (terrified he is suggesting we move to Outer Mongolia since that is where I recently said I would rather live than Vegas) "Um, yes?"
Divine Hubby: "No, I want to hear it in your voice that you REALLY trust me."
Me: (a little stronger, but still worried about the Mongolia thing) "Yes, I trust you."
Divine Hubby: "I have found a house for us in Vegas."
Me" (trying not to sound TOO patronizing since he is obviously drunk or having a stroke) "Yes, dear, I know we have found a house - I was there last weekend and we found it together, remember?"
Divine Hubby: "No, I found us a new house."
Me: (rubbing my temples as my migrane starts) "Um, what do you mean? We now have two houses?"
Divine Hubby: "No, I called the realtor for the first one and we can still get out of it. I found us a NEW house, but we have to sign the lease this week."

The question is, do I trust my hubby. Hmmmmmm. Well, I can categorically say yes in most situations.

1. I trust my divine hubby implicitly with our wedding vows. He is a man of incredible character and faith.
2. I trust my divine hubby mostly with our son...the only reason I say mostly is because of the whole Smackdown issue, but that was dealt with in a previous post so I should probably get over it, huh? :) He's a great dad!
3. I trust my divine hubby implicitly with our finances - he is an amazing money manager!
4. I trust my divine hubby with our family's lives, and look forward to spending our lives together here in Outer Mongolia, um I mean Vegas. :)

BUT, the question is, do I trust divine hubby enough to pick out my KITCHEN? That, my friends takes some serious trust. After some soul-searching, some praying, a visit to a spiritual advisor, weeks of fasting and much wearing of sackcloth, I decided that yes, I did trust divine hubby with this particular chore. And I am really glad I did - the house is fabulous, the kitchen is to die for, the master bathroom has a fireplace in front of the giant tub and the pool, oh the pool. And did I mention that the rent is $300/month less than our first selection? Yes, folks, it is more fabulous-er and more cheap-er.

So, here I am. In my fabulous house. Divine hubby is at work, Chase is visiting his grandparents on the East Coast for a week, and I am blogging on my brand new internet connection in my pj's. Life is good!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

In case you were wondering...

my butt fared just fine on the trip to Las Vegas. The Snaab drove like a champ, the XM radio kept me company (and awake), Luci, my GPS gave me mostly accurate directions, and the boy and I played geography games ALL the way from Texas to Vegas. And I mean, that is a loooong drive, my friends. Pretty uninteresting as well - not a lot of human beings on that particular drive! But, we did see some neat things.

We saw "The Thing" in Arizona. If you haven't heard of it (and I hadn't either), there are 8 bazillion billboards in the 150 or so miles surrounding it on I-10. SO, when we got to the actual truck stop that boasted "The Thing," we exited the highway and got out of the car. We even paid $1.75 to see what the heck "The Thing" was. It's a mummy. Or maybe something made to look like a mummy? Not altogether sure, but it's old and dusty and under plexiglass. Well worth the $1.75 we spent. :)

We saw the Hoover Dam. If you haven't heard of it, where are you people living? :) It was huge and very cool. There were a lot of people walking around as well - especially considering the fact that there is ABSOLUTELY nothing around it. Well, except Lake Mead, but you already knew that!

Call me crazy, but I honestly didn't know cacti really looked like this! You notice I didn't pull over (or really even slow down) to take this particular picture. The temperature on the dashboard said 108. I hiked the AC up a notch and kept on drivin.'

So, we are finally here, in Las Vegas. Here's the best part of being here. Being back together, and of course, playing in our backyard! As you can see, Chase and divine hubby are wrestling the native wildlife out of the pool!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Las Vegas bound

Bright and early tomorrow morning, Chase and I are headed to Las Vegas. Therefore, I will be AWOL from my blog until whenever Cox shows up to give me internet service on Thursday. Say a prayer for safe travels and reliable transportation, if you think of me over the next two days.

We have had a lot of fun with our friends here in Austin - but I had forgotten about the 'midty. I mean, that 'midty makes the daytime here VERY (ahem) moist. My hair has not been so straight since, oh, since I lived here! :) I hate to be one of those people who talk about 120 degrees in Vegas and say, "Oh, but it's a DRY heat..." We all hate those people. 120 is hot, folks. Dry or not. BUT, when the 'midty is 90%, 80 degrees can be absolutely oppressive. Not to mention 100, like it has been this week. Austin is beautiful, we have fantastic friends here whom we miss dearly, but oh, the 'midty. I don't miss it at all. I do, however, miss the Mexican food. I've eaten more chips and salsa this week than I've eaten in the three years we've been gone from Texas! Consequently, the exercise program and strict salad eating begins sometime on Wednesday.

We are starting a new chapter in our little family's life. Divine hubby has met some of the neighbors and there are kids Chase's age who live on our street. And they have mothers who will be my new friends. As much as I have hated the idea of this move, and as much as I dread the 20 hours my butt will sit on my car seat over the next two days, I am ready to get it started. I'm ready to see my new house, sleep in my old bed, meet my new friends, swim in my new pool, and sweat in the "dry heat."

See ya in Las Vegas, friends!

Friday, June 6, 2008

A happy ending...

Many of you have written and been concerned about the state of my debris, um, I mean furniture. Honestly (just because it would make a better story and like my father, I rarely let the facts get in the way of a good story), there is a part of me that wishes they had delivered the wrong furniture, or broken everything, or whatever, but divine hubby's report was uneventful. He has not found everything yet, but he says the driver and two unloaders showed up on time, were there fewer than 5 hours and were very helpful, worked hard, and all went well. Ho hum. My story, while fury-inducing, was a better one. :)

Chase and I are headed to Las Vegas on Monday, after spending a little time with some friends along the way. We are sending prayers and well wishes to my baby brother and his beloved wife and daughter, as they move to SC this weekend. Safe travels, baby brother!!

I'll be in divine hubby would say, be good and don't bite anyone!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Why I love cable

We are probably the only people in the entire world who don't have caller ID or cable. Now, the former only means that if you call me, you have to actually TELL me who you are...primitive, I know. But, honestly, I have no deep longings for caller ID.

Now, cable, on the other hand, is another story. I grew up in a home where TV was very limited. Consequently, I absolutely love the idiot box. LOVE IT. Can't get enough. Would watch all day every day, if that were possible. (Well, maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration, but you get the picture) That is the main reason we don't have cable. Divine hubby doesn't really enjoy TV like I do. Luckily, he is a good influence on me and keeps me from being a couch potato. Oh, and the fact that there really is nothing on a lot of the time when you don't have cable helps. :)

But, I am in TX, visiting friends for a week before we move to our new home in Las Vegas. And both households where I am residing this week have CABLE! Wahoo!!! I just watched an episode of Melrose Place (oh, how I loved MP back in the day...), and wow is the acting terrible! Funny how those old shows you used to love are so laughable when you see them later. But, I also watched an episode of What Not To Wear (one of the all-time greatest shows) last night and fell in love with Clinton and Stacey all over again. Really, I would be fine without cable if I could have TLC and ESPN and whatever that network is that shows nonstop reruns of Law & Order and CSI.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Laurel & Hardy got nothin on me

8am moving day.
I am sitting in my house, after dropping Chase at school, happily awaiting the promised 8:00 arrival of the moving van.

Them: "Rocky Mountain Transport, how may I help you?"
Me: (in a cheerful and expectant voice) "Yes, I know the truck is only 15 minutes late, but I'm just wondering if I can expect them soon?"
Them: "Oh, it was NEVER going to be 8am, it is scheduled for 10:30-11am."
Me: (slightly less cheerful but still pleasant) "Ok, well, I guess that will be ok. See them at 10:30."

Them: "Rocky Mountain Transport, how may I help you?"
Me: (slightly more cheerful than the last time) "Hi, I know the truck is only 15 minutes late, but I am just wondering if I can expect them soon?"
Them: (extra cheerful and a little annoying) "Oh, let me call the driver and get an ETA for you. I will call you right back and give you a time to expect them."
Me: (even more cheerful) "Great, thanks."

Them: "Rocky Mountain Transport, how may I help you?"
Me: (irritated and slightly snotty) "Yes, I have been waiting for a truck since 8am, I was told 45 minutes ago that you would get right back to me, and I am wondering at this point if you have absconded to Mexico with my credit card and the truck isn't coming." (yes, I really said that...)
Them: (loud, shouting voice, VERY irritated) "Ma'am, you need to calm down right now. This isn't our fault and I am tired of you calling and complaining about the truck. The truck will get there when it gets there, and we will call you when we know something!" (loud hang up)
Me: (oh, I am so freakin mad at this point, I can't even write the words I said or thought cause this is a FAMILY blog...)

My phone rings.
Me: (frostily) "Hello?"
Them: (cheerful and bright) "Hi, this is Evie from Rocky Mountain Transport and I'm calling to tell you that the truck will be there in 30 minutes."
Me: "Great." (this time, I hang up loudly on her)

Truck shows up. NOT a Bekins truck that I had ordered, not even a big truck at all - an old, crappy, broken down wood-paneled truck that says "Goff Moving and Storage." Who the heck is Goff? Four guys get out and start to take stuff out of my house. All of the boxes are out by 3pm, so I'm thinking, Great! They are working so hard, we'll be done by 6! My mood begins to lighten slightly.

The guys are on break number 45, and I swear Jason, the lead guy has smoked 3 packs of cigarettes. He also drops the ciggie butts on the street every single time he finishes one. Now, if you know me, you know that is a HUGE pet-peeve. Yes, maybe it's biodegradable, eventually, but I don't want to look at your nasty trash for the next 10 years while it degrades. Or let it biodegrade in your personal ashtray, but DO NOT use my driveway and street as your ashtray!!!! But I digress. In the first 2 hours, they did 6 hours of work. In the next 2 hours, they did 15 minutes of work. We are almost no closer now than we were at 3. My mood blackens significantly

There is stuff on the truck, there is stuff in my driveway, there is stuff upstairs, there is stuff downstairs, there is stuff in the basement and there is stuff in the BACKYARD and they are smoking again. I am considering killing these men.

8:30 pm
Me: "Um, you guys do know there is still furniture in the house, right?"
Them: "Oh, you mean the TV, yep, we're going to put that on the second truck."
Me: (second truck, what the heck are they talking about) "No, there is a dresser in one bedroom, a nightstand in the other bedroom, my BED in the master bedroom, the TV and TV stand in the living room, the Eliptical in the basement, four shelving units next to the eliptical and the wrought iron patio furniture, lawnmower and grill in the backyard."
Them: (taking a big drag from a cigarette, then crushing it on my driveway grrrrrrrr) "Oh, really? Hmm, ok, well, we should probably go get that stuff."
Me: (clenching my teeth and trying not to curse or become violent) "Yes, I think you should. (deep breath) Oh, and what do you mean second truck?"
Them: "Well, all of your stuff won't fit on this truck, so Vic is bringing another truck soon. He's about 15 minutes away."
Me: "Vic. Ok. Second truck. Ok. Are you going to drive both trucks to Vegas?"
Them: (laughing at my idiocy) "Oh, we aren't taking your stuff in THIS truck, we're going to move it into ANOTHER truck to drive it to Vegas." (laughing and more crushing of cigarettes in my driveway, yard and street)
Me: "Vic. Second truck. More moving of my stuff. Vegas. Cigarettes. Vic. 15 minutes. Ok."
(At this point, my friend Laura brings me a cold alcoholic beverage which helps me immensely.)

Vic shows up. They stop smoking cigarettes. They load the rest of my stuff on the second truck. There is no wrapping of furniture, there is no securing of anything. There is very little talking and a lot of smoking. I am silent and murderous.

Jason starts original truck up so they can leave. Truck will not start. Finally, he gets it started, and it will only go in reverse. I nearly start to laugh hysterically as I imagine him driving the truck backwards down C-470 to the black market where they plan to sell all of my things. I drink more of my alcoholic beverage. They siphon oil out of Vic's truck and put it in Jason's truck. Now, the truck will go forward and they

I spend 15 minutes picking up their disgusting cigarette butts in the street (at least the ones I could see in the DARK) and go to my aunt and uncle's house to spend the night. I am exhausted and mutter murderous expletives as I fall into a coma in bed.

Suffice it to say, I am composing a letter to Bekins, and Rocky Mountain Transport that will be QUITE angry and VERY pointed, but I am NOT writing it until AFTER my things have arrived in Las Vegas. I cannot WAIT to give these people a piece of my mind. I talked to them again today about the delivery of my things, and I was sweet as pumpkin pie. I figure any complaining and the driver will be told to dump my stuff in the Grand Canyon on his way to Vegas.

Did I mention that divine hubby gets to receive the furniture on Wednesday? I wish him luck - I am currently hanging out with friends in Texas, and can't WAIT to hear the continuing saga. I do wish we had bought the insurance...