Friday, June 13, 2008

One of the scariest questions ever

(Phone rings in Denver a month ago)
Me: "Hello?"
Divine Hubby: "So, the question you trust me?"
Me: (terrified he is suggesting we move to Outer Mongolia since that is where I recently said I would rather live than Vegas) "Um, yes?"
Divine Hubby: "No, I want to hear it in your voice that you REALLY trust me."
Me: (a little stronger, but still worried about the Mongolia thing) "Yes, I trust you."
Divine Hubby: "I have found a house for us in Vegas."
Me" (trying not to sound TOO patronizing since he is obviously drunk or having a stroke) "Yes, dear, I know we have found a house - I was there last weekend and we found it together, remember?"
Divine Hubby: "No, I found us a new house."
Me: (rubbing my temples as my migrane starts) "Um, what do you mean? We now have two houses?"
Divine Hubby: "No, I called the realtor for the first one and we can still get out of it. I found us a NEW house, but we have to sign the lease this week."

The question is, do I trust my hubby. Hmmmmmm. Well, I can categorically say yes in most situations.

1. I trust my divine hubby implicitly with our wedding vows. He is a man of incredible character and faith.
2. I trust my divine hubby mostly with our son...the only reason I say mostly is because of the whole Smackdown issue, but that was dealt with in a previous post so I should probably get over it, huh? :) He's a great dad!
3. I trust my divine hubby implicitly with our finances - he is an amazing money manager!
4. I trust my divine hubby with our family's lives, and look forward to spending our lives together here in Outer Mongolia, um I mean Vegas. :)

BUT, the question is, do I trust divine hubby enough to pick out my KITCHEN? That, my friends takes some serious trust. After some soul-searching, some praying, a visit to a spiritual advisor, weeks of fasting and much wearing of sackcloth, I decided that yes, I did trust divine hubby with this particular chore. And I am really glad I did - the house is fabulous, the kitchen is to die for, the master bathroom has a fireplace in front of the giant tub and the pool, oh the pool. And did I mention that the rent is $300/month less than our first selection? Yes, folks, it is more fabulous-er and more cheap-er.

So, here I am. In my fabulous house. Divine hubby is at work, Chase is visiting his grandparents on the East Coast for a week, and I am blogging on my brand new internet connection in my pj's. Life is good!


Beth said...

I wish we could relocate all the fabulousness back to Littleton! But, seriously, I am so happy for you that all is good.

STQ said...

Hi Beth, I wish we could relocate back too...but I'd take this house with me! We miss you guys.

Miz C (and Burton) said...

I'm thrilled to know you (and your possessions) made it safely!!! We'll begin planning our "family bonding" trip immediately!!!!