Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why we love family

Chase just got home yesterday from a week-long trip to see his grandparents in South Carolina. I am sure Grandpa and Breen (what he calls his grandma...don't ask me why!) are sleeping in this morning! He was up at 6am and full of great stories this morning. Chase really enjoys spending time with his grandparents, and not just because they do everything he wants, like they claim. He truly adores them, for who they are.

He loves Breen because she is a tireless game lover like him. She will play Yahtzee until she just can't shake the dice anymore, and she is thrilled when he gets three Yahtzees in a single game (his mom pouts a little when that happens, sad to say). And he loves to cook with her. She is patient and is willing to let him do it all!

He loves Grandpa because he will throw the frisbee until his wrist falls off, shoot rockets with him and play Solitaire on the computer. Grandpa also makes up great bedtime stories about SuperDuck, Oh Heck, Mrs. Hahn and Oh Heck's brothers Oh Darn and Oh No!

Oh, and Chase also got to spend time with his uncle. They had a great time together at the beach. And Chase introduced his uncle to two things that are very important to Chase. Pokemon cards and the Percy Jackson & the Olympians books. Chase loves his uncle because he will throw Chase forever in the pool, he listens to Chase when he talks, and he honestly likes spending time with Chase. And there was something about a "Pinch Shark" but I am assured he is mostly harmless, if his head is above the water, that is...

Chase had another treat while in SC. They went on a friend's boat and a porpoise swam right up to their boat! It was very exciting for everyone involved.
Chase's trip to SC was full of activity, laughter, photography, seafood and love. I cherish my family, both my family of origin and our little family here in Las Vegas. As my dad would say..."We are so very blessed." He's right (as usual)! I love you guys.

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Miz C (and Burton) said...

Sounds like a fantastic week!!!!!