Monday, June 16, 2008


I sometimes feel lonely, and I know that everyone feels lonely at one time or another. In each of our 3 moves, I have had this overwhelming feeling of loneliness right off the bat. I know what you are thinking...well, DUH!!! Of course you feel lonely when you really ARE alone in a new city. But, my loneliness usually means I stay home and rarely venture out. I want to meet new people, but it's such a daunting task! I mean, do you strike up a conversation with the lady examining the nectarines next to you in the grocery store? With the "dude" pumping gas into his Harley at the gas station? Or, I know. With the lady in front of you in line at the bank depositing $10,000 worth of nickels into her account? (This is Vegas, you know...)

This is the first move that we have made at the beginning of the summer. When school is out. When it is brutally hot. When everyone is hunkering down in the A/C to wait it out. So, how do I meet people now? Chase's suggestion is that we knock on the neighbors' doors and ask if they have kids. Hmmmmmmmmm. That's a little scary! Maybe I'll send Chase to do it while I hunker down in my A/C and wait for him to drag some nice lady over to be my friend.

In the south, when new neighbors move in, as good southern neighbors, you bring cookies, or brownies or bread or something and welcome them. That hasn't happened in any of the three moves we have made north of Texas. Maybe I should turn things around and bake and take treats to our neighbors? That would be weird, but it might be interesting, and it would certainly help me meet them.

So, I'm looking for ways to meet moms of 10-yr-old boys this week. Any suggestions?

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