Thursday, June 12, 2008

In case you were wondering...

my butt fared just fine on the trip to Las Vegas. The Snaab drove like a champ, the XM radio kept me company (and awake), Luci, my GPS gave me mostly accurate directions, and the boy and I played geography games ALL the way from Texas to Vegas. And I mean, that is a loooong drive, my friends. Pretty uninteresting as well - not a lot of human beings on that particular drive! But, we did see some neat things.

We saw "The Thing" in Arizona. If you haven't heard of it (and I hadn't either), there are 8 bazillion billboards in the 150 or so miles surrounding it on I-10. SO, when we got to the actual truck stop that boasted "The Thing," we exited the highway and got out of the car. We even paid $1.75 to see what the heck "The Thing" was. It's a mummy. Or maybe something made to look like a mummy? Not altogether sure, but it's old and dusty and under plexiglass. Well worth the $1.75 we spent. :)

We saw the Hoover Dam. If you haven't heard of it, where are you people living? :) It was huge and very cool. There were a lot of people walking around as well - especially considering the fact that there is ABSOLUTELY nothing around it. Well, except Lake Mead, but you already knew that!

Call me crazy, but I honestly didn't know cacti really looked like this! You notice I didn't pull over (or really even slow down) to take this particular picture. The temperature on the dashboard said 108. I hiked the AC up a notch and kept on drivin.'

So, we are finally here, in Las Vegas. Here's the best part of being here. Being back together, and of course, playing in our backyard! As you can see, Chase and divine hubby are wrestling the native wildlife out of the pool!

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Miz C (and Burton) said...

Geography....geography....hmmmmm...sounds vaguely familiar. Is that the subject I'm so incredibly terrible at????? (Please ignore the fact that I ended a sentence with a was only a momentary lapse!) You are talking to the person who cannot tell you which highways are where and which small town around us is in which direction.

And, this is one and the same person who has to take the map in her hand and turn it in the direction she's moving or there "ain't no hope" of deciphering the thing. We may have to die in San Angelo because I'd never figure where I was in any other town.[smile]

Splash the men in your life and tell them it's from the San Angelo relatives!

Much love to all!!!!!!!!!!!