Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fog Machines

When we visited Las Vegas over Easter, we went to a church with 5000+ people (eek) and a fog machine. Yes, I did say a fog machine. I was talking to a friend this morning who thought I said SLOT machine. VERY different, I assure you! But I digress...

Anyway, we have not gone back to this church because of said fog machine. NOW, today I was feeling kind of sorry for myself (I do that a lot in case you hadn't noticed), and said to myself...SELF?


Exactly where in the Bible does it say that having a fog machine is a sin?

Ummmm, I don't remember exactly...maybe in Ecclesiastes...

NO. Ok, maybe I haven't read Ecclesiastes recently, but a quick perusal of a good Bible Concordance shows absolutely NO reference to having a fog machine. Either good or bad.

Um, ok, well it's weird.

Ok, a lot of things are weird, but it's not a reason to write the church off completely, now is it?

Well...I don't know.

I mean, a huge church PROBABLY has a mom or two...


WITH a morally-grounded 10-yr-old son, possibly?


Yes, I do talk to myself, and often out loud. Makes divine hubby wonder if I've lost my mind sometimes! Anyway, so I went to the 1st Church of the Holy Fog Machine's really cool website and found a great Beth Moore Bible study on Daniel that I started in Denver, but wasn't able to finish. AND they are starting where I left off, AND it's at night, so I can go. So, call me a fog-machiner, but I'm headed there on Monday night, and I'm excited about it!


Miz C (and Burton) said...

grrrr...mumble....grumble....gritch, gritch, gritch

I just posted a lovely comment, but got an error message. we go again..........

You go, girl!!!!

I would say that I have been studying with Beth Moore for years now, but the total truth of the matter is that I have been STARTING Beth Moore Bible studies for years. Sadly, I usually let "busy-ness" get out of hand, and end up fizzling before the study is finished. I have loved everything I've read, though.

Thankfully, my little Bible Study group loves me whether I'm prepared or not! And boy, do I love them!!!! I'll be praying this is the perfect group for you!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Very cool! You are the eternal "cope-er" and always have been. This message gives new meaning to the statement your parents have made about you for years: "any time spent worrying about Susie is a waste." However, this is meant as a statement of confidence and "proud-ness", not denial of needed empathy.

STQ said...

Hmmmm, I'm not sure I DO no who!! I know you know my parents, though...I'm thinking Liesl? Hmmmmmmmm. Any more clues??

bethfromtheeighties said...

I typed a lengthy message and then realized I had to "exist" here first. Maybe next time!