Sunday, June 8, 2008

Las Vegas bound

Bright and early tomorrow morning, Chase and I are headed to Las Vegas. Therefore, I will be AWOL from my blog until whenever Cox shows up to give me internet service on Thursday. Say a prayer for safe travels and reliable transportation, if you think of me over the next two days.

We have had a lot of fun with our friends here in Austin - but I had forgotten about the 'midty. I mean, that 'midty makes the daytime here VERY (ahem) moist. My hair has not been so straight since, oh, since I lived here! :) I hate to be one of those people who talk about 120 degrees in Vegas and say, "Oh, but it's a DRY heat..." We all hate those people. 120 is hot, folks. Dry or not. BUT, when the 'midty is 90%, 80 degrees can be absolutely oppressive. Not to mention 100, like it has been this week. Austin is beautiful, we have fantastic friends here whom we miss dearly, but oh, the 'midty. I don't miss it at all. I do, however, miss the Mexican food. I've eaten more chips and salsa this week than I've eaten in the three years we've been gone from Texas! Consequently, the exercise program and strict salad eating begins sometime on Wednesday.

We are starting a new chapter in our little family's life. Divine hubby has met some of the neighbors and there are kids Chase's age who live on our street. And they have mothers who will be my new friends. As much as I have hated the idea of this move, and as much as I dread the 20 hours my butt will sit on my car seat over the next two days, I am ready to get it started. I'm ready to see my new house, sleep in my old bed, meet my new friends, swim in my new pool, and sweat in the "dry heat."

See ya in Las Vegas, friends!

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