Sunday, June 22, 2008

Goldilocks and the 10,000 churches...

So, here is my dilemma.

1. We LOVED our church in Austin, because we attended for 10 years and even though it was really growing and becoming a big church, we knew a ton of people and it felt like home.

2. We LOVED our church in Green Bay, but felt it was a little too big (2000 people) and therefore a little impersonal. We became good friends with the minister right away, which helped us to get plugged in quickly, obviously, but only living there a year, we were just getting to really know people when we had to leave.

3. We LOVED our church in Denver, but honestly, what we loved the most was our small group and the preaching. Beyond our small group, we didn't get very involved in the year or so we were there, and therefore, the people we knew were pretty much confined to our small group and a few staff members. Probably if we could have stayed for 10 years, it would have felt like home, but honestly, it didn't yet.

4. So, now we are in Las Vegas. We have visited three churches. So far, we have seen an amazing drama with a fog machine (5000+ people church...too big), a beautiful stained glass window at a Lutheran church (way too high church for us), and today, a Methodist church that was nice, but way too small. See why I feel a little like Goldilocks?

Have you noticed that patience is not exactly my strong suit? :)

Me: Here I am, Vegas! I've been here nearly two weeks. Now give me three or four of your fantastic stay-home Christian moms of morally-grounded 10 yr old boys please, oh, and where is that wonderful not-too-big, but not-too-small church where all of you nice mommies of morally-grounded 10 yr old boys go? First Church of the Holy Unrealized Fantasies? Fantastic! Where do I sign up? :)

I am feeling more like this is truly going to be ok, though. I just need to find a church that is "just right" and I think things will start falling into place. If you had asked me 20 years ago if finding a CHURCH would be the primary thing I was working on when moving to a new place, I would have said you were nuts. Funny how a little (ahem) age and (maybe) just a smidge of wisdom changes things, isn't it?


Miz C (and Burton) said...

Churches are funny birds, quite unlike the "home for saints" that so many non-Christians expect. We have always been part of large churches (but not mega large ones). As you said, it's the "small groups" and the "plugged in" parts that make it "yours."

We moved to our current church because of the youth group. If the kids were happy, we were happy. Older daughter loved it and was the one wanting to go there; younger daughter eventually found her own church which she felt served her better.

Our church still has a dynamic youth group, and it is still the "drawing card" for new members...families of kids who have become involved.

I know it won't necessarily be a speedy task, but God is good...all the time, and I know He will lead you in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Ahem... and it's not Deloris Umbridge either.

Ever thought of the Presbyterians? Oh well. Just a suggestion.

Love, U-no-who