Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Chase has started attending a karate class here in Las Vegas. Some of you may remember that he was involved with karate when he was 7 or so in Austin. He always enjoyed it, but other sports and activities got in the way and we haven't pursued it again until now. His teacher looks like he is 25, but today he told the kids that he's been doing karate for 31 years, so it seems more likely that he is pushing 40.

Karate is good in so many different ways. First of all, Chase's good friend (and kid I like as well) Rymmel is in the class...let there be no mistake - at this point, I'd put him in competitive cow tipping if he had a friend in the class...but I digress.

The instructor is great - he's very authoritative, demands respect and attention, and he obviously also loves kids. He's a some-enormous-degree black belt, has won gold medals in Olympic competition, and I'd be afraid if I met him in some dark alley somewhere.

The main reason I am so in favor of karate is the self-discipline and character it demands of the kids. If Chase can get to a black belt under this guy, he will have attained an amazing goal, AND he will know it. Chase is a fantastic kid - he's extremely bright, he's great at games, he's sweet, he's kind, he's fast and loves all things athletic, but one thing he lacks is focus. Karate, I think, will help hone that focus, which is helpful in every part of life.

A bonus - after four weeks of karate, he can almost touch his toes now! Now, if only his mama could say the same... KEEEEEE-YA!


Miz C (and Burton) said...

This sounds like the perfect summer activity for Chase, although competitive cow tipping does sound intriguing. In Las Vegas' heat, I don't think I would like soccer very much!!! Not even spectating!!!!!!

As for touching your toes, I highly recommend doing it while sitting on the bed, knees slightly bent!!!!

Beth said...

Good for Chase - I have been wanting to take Karate with Kaylee, because Ryan won't do it with me. Tell him hi and we are missing you all.

MOM said...

Does this mean we should add competitive cow tipping to the summer schedule when Chase comes to visit? I'll look around for a site.