Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kids' favorite activity

So, yesterday, I made plans to hang out at my friend (yes, I have one of those!!) and neighbor Melissa's house for the afternoon. Our pool is out of order until today, and she invited us over to swim. When we got there, she asked if I could watch the kids for a little bit and she was going to run an errand. So, I sat under her shaded gazebo, read a book and looked up occasionally to make sure all heads were above the water. The youngest kid in the pool was nearly 8, so I didn't have to supervise TOO carefully...

It was Chase and four girls, all aged 8-12. I would like to say they played for 31/2 hours, but in reality, they played for 10 minutes and argued for 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Ok, I exaggerate a LITTLE, but I mean, I have never heard so much arguing! "Don't splash me." "I don't want to get my hair wet." "I just got highlights - don't splash me!" (side note: her hair was already wet and why do you float in a pool and not want to get your hair wet? Plus, who the heck gets 8 year olds highlights? But I digress) "Don't spit water at me." "I don't want you to push my float to the side." "I'm gonna tell MOM." "That's my float - I need it." and endless choruses of "STOP IT!" (sigh) Luckily, I brought a book, so I could mostly ignore it. (Before you call CPS, see above where I looked up to count heads...)

What's funny is that all kids had fun. There was the occasional pouty face, but no one wanted to leave the pool and miss out on all the "fun!" Honestly, if I had been part of that group, I would have made ANY excuse so I could go home and get away from all of the arguing/complaining/fussing/whatever. I don't remember arguing 24/7 with my friends when I was 10...but maybe I just don't remember! If any of you readers were friends with me when I was 10, please let me know if you remember differently!!!

One blessing to having only one kid (at home, anyway) is that I can mostly control the arguing. I can at least control how many people are arguing at any one time, and as gifted as Chase is at arguing, it's kinda hard to REALLY get it going if no one will argue back!

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Miz C (and Burton) said...

ooohhh, oooooohhhh, ooooooooohhhh...I knew you when you were 10!!!!! And the previous sentence pretty much says all I remember about it. Unless, of course, that was the time period of the tiger print pajamas???????????? (or were they zebra print?)

No, no...of course I won't tell anyone...nor will I magically produce the picture...unless, of course, the price is right!

Love you!
Sweet, innocent AC