Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Job search, continued

Yesterday, when I went to the church/school to put in my resume, I met two of the women in the office, but the office manager wasn't there. I filled out the world's longest application and turned it in with my resume and recommendation letter, and the women suggested I come by today to meet Sherry, the office manager. Here's how it went today when I returned:

Me: (walking into office, seeing the two women I met yesterday and smiling but not having said a word yet)
Woman #1: Oh, hi STQ! Sherry, she's here!
Woman #2: (stands up and rushes over to where I'm standing) Sherry, remember her? She's the one we were telling you about!
Sherry: (stops talking to whomever she was talking to and comes over to shake my hand with a big smile) Hi STQ! I read over your application earlier today. So nice to meet you!

So, that seemed like a warm welcome to me - they remembered not only me, but my name and the fact that I filled out an application yesterday. AND they were talking about me! (Not always a good thing, but I figure in this case it probably is...)

So, Sherry said she is working on the job description and she would call me next week. For an interview, I wonder, or to start work?? :) Yes, I'm getting ahead of myself, but even the most jaded of you have to admit that it all sounds positive!

I was talking to a friend today and marveling at my lack of faith. I honestly thought that since I had the perfect job in Austin and the perfect job in Denver, that I had used up all of my "luck" and there was no way I could find here what I had either in Austin or in Denver. If this were to work out, it would be exactly like the situation in Denver. I think God shakes His head at me in frustration A LOT!! He has always been faithful to take care of me, and still I doubt Him! I'm so thankful that my lack of faith hasn't changed who He is or His willingness to take care of me, despite myself!! I absolutely know that if this job doesn't work out, He has something waiting for me that will be great.

I'll update again when I hear anything, but keep praying!

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MOM said...

Wow! What a statement of faith. I think that rather than getting mad at us for our lack of faith, God probably says, "That cute kid of mine is doing it again. Is she a case, or what!" And then laughs affectionately. That is the God we worship. It's amazing.
I'm thankful for you! You inspire me. Love, MOM