Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summertime...and the livin is easy

Every year, this happens. It's May, the school year is wrapping up, there are 8 gazillion projects, tests, papers, etc due and I just can't wait for summer. Ahhh, lazy days of hanging out, playing games, spending time exploring our new city, swimming in the pool, playing with friends, life is good.

Then, it's late July. Chase is playing WAY too many video games, watching WAY too much TV, drinking soda every day for lunch (caffeine free root beer, but still), and generally driving me nuts.

The problem would be much alleviated if I could only win the lottery...then we'd spend the summer hanging out with friends and family all over the country, and jetting to the Caribbean for the weekend. Now, THAT would be a fun summer. But, alas, we don't actually PLAY the lottery, so our chances of winning it are poorer than most!

We're in the home stretch - a little less than a month left in the summer. Too much time to just say, whatever, ok, play your gameboy all day, I don't care! So, I'm trying to plan our day with some fun things to do and still keep within a very strict budget. It's hard!! But, this happens every year, and I knew it would happen this year too.

I'm thinking we'll head to the nuclear warhead museum today - we'll save on our light bill if we glow, right? :)


Kate said...

Actually, your chances of winning the lottery are almost the same as someone who plays it all the time... nil. Did you do the Hoover Dam tour (down the elevators) when you drove through? If not, that is certainly a worthwhile activity.

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!!
What about brainstorming together things you'd like to learn about, (like cake decorating) then making big scary messes DIY? ;) Or Chase learning about it through reading library books and surfing the web, then making presentations to your parents?

I was going to mail you some stuff but we don't have directions to go with it so I don't think that particular project would help.


Miz C (and Burton) said...

Makes me tired just thinking about it!!!