Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What I've learned

When I look back at our journey over the past few years, I see amazing growth. I have wonderful friends in Austin, and miss many of them very much, but the experience of moving several times has taught me a great deal. When you move, you have to make your own life out of what you are given. Do I like this neighbor, do I like that school, this church, that hairdresser, this grocery store, that book club, etc. And twice, we have made a life out of the odds and ends we have been given upon arrival. A great life. We loved Green Bay and we love Denver.

I have also learned that just because something is out of my comfort zone, doesn't make it wrong or bad. In Green Bay, our church was very Evangelical. There was some speaking in tongues, I saw several women being "slain in the spirit," there was a lot of talk of "spiritual warfare." Not so comfy for us. But, we absolutely loved the minister, the kids' program was fantastic and it was one of the most God-filled churches I've ever attended. Every service was moving and inspiring. So, despite our discomfort (and divine hubby was WAY more uncomfortable than I was!!), we stayed. In Green Bay, we made wonderful friends like the Wagners and the Auliks, I learned to drive in the snow, we learned what a fish boil is, we learned how to properly pronounce the word "creek," I discovered that you CAN play soccer in the summer, we fell head over heels in love with the Packers. And we grew.

We moved to Denver. Chase learned to ski and I got even more experience driving in the snow! We got to know family members we had never spent really any time with. Grew to love them dearly. Grew to know them and share in their lives. Became godparents to little O. Learned that it can (and does) snow in April. Saw the amazing beauty in the mountains, summer and winter. Found great neighbors and friends like the Camps, the Flythes, the Kingsleys, the Phillips, the Arroyos, the Florences,the Uheys, a beautiful neighborhood, a wonderful church and an amazing small group. And we grew.

Now we're moving to Las Vegas. Wonder why I think God would take us this far, bless us as significantly as He has and then just drop us in the dirt and leave us in misery. Oh me of little faith. A dear friend reminded me yesterday that God is everywhere, and He is waiting for me to turn up and find Him in Las Vegas. He's waiting to sing in the choir with me at a great church, He's sitting on a porch swing waiting to share a cold glass of wine with me on a Summer evening, He's waiting for Chase to show up and be His kid's best friend, He wants me to join His book club, He wants to play golf with divine hubby. He wants to challenge my comfort zones again. He's there. And my mission is to find Him again there, like I have in Austin, Green Bay and Denver.

I've learned a lot.


Miz C (and Burton) said...

...and find Him you will!!!

MOM said...

Boy, have you gotten wise in your "later years!" And not so "later" either. You're an inspiration to me in my "later years."

Love, Breen