Saturday, April 5, 2008


Hi again all!

So, yesterday afternoon around 4, my phone rang. It was my dear friend and neighbor saying she and a mutual friend were watching the kids play and drinking mojitos...did I want to come join them? OH BOY, did I want to go join them (I love mojitos)! BUT, I was driving the carpool for soccer practice at 5:15, and felt it would be a smidge irresponsible to consume alcoholic beverages and then get on the highway during rush hour with precious cargo. SO, I was forced to decline.

Made me think of all of the choices we have in this life, and that sometimes, the choices we make are good ones, and sometimes they are not so good. The choice I made last night was very clear-cut; I honestly didn't entertain the possibility for a second. But, other times choices are much harder or less clear. Should I take this job or that job. Should we buy this house or that house, or should we rent. Should we pick this school or that school for our kids. Private or public. Methodist or Baptist. Paper or plastic. I mean, the list goes on and on! And each decision we make takes us on a different adventure than another decision would have taken us. Remember those books called Choose Your Own Adventure? I do - I loved them! You had to make a decision for the characters at the end of a set number of pages, and depending on the decision, your characters had a different adventure and a different outcome. Same book, and many different outcomes.

I love to look back, think of the choices I've made and see the paths I have been taken on because of those choices. Some were good choices, and I can see the benefits, and some were bad choices, with very different results. But, honestly, I think my life has, in general, been a good one, and I have to credit even some of my bad choices for the whole of my life. So, my deep thought for the day is that life is one great big Choose Your Own Adventure book, and the adventure I've chosen has been a great one so far.

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Miz C (and Burton) said...

Sometimes the difficult part for me is not dwelling on "roads not taken." I sometimes have a twinge of a desire for a game of DO OVER. But I, like you, have made my choices to the best of my ability, leaving the results in God's hands. (and trying really hard not to tell Him how I want things done!!!) And...GOD HAS BLESSED ME RICHLY!