Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Prayer Request

I went to my bi-weekly neighborhood Bible study this afternoon. We are a diverse group of women - from the 39-yr-old youngster (I love being called that!) all the way up to our dear hostess who is 74. We meet at our hostess' (I'll call her Penny) home and are studying prayer. Penny has been going through a terrible trial - her grown daughter has left her husband and 2 young children and is now living with another man. Penny and her husband are understandably devastated about this. Penny shared with our group today that she and her husband are testifying on behalf of their son-in-law on Thursday morning in order for him to have full custody of the children. They know this is the right thing to do, but of course their daughter views this as the worst kind of betrayal and their hearts are broken that this is necessary.

Long story - but I am boldly asking for all of you to stop and say a prayer at 9am (MST) on Thursday morning for my dear friend Penny and for the whole situation. God knows what is best, and He is in charge, but this sure feels like chaos to Penny and her husband. They are a sweet couple, and we on our little cul-de-sac love them dearly.

Love to all of you!!

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Miz C (and Burton) said...

I know their hearts are breaking. I'll be praying!!!