Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Febreze has met its match

My beloved Snaab is in the shop. It has developed this cute little habit of refusing to turn on for awhile. Occasionally. Unexpectedly. It's only happened 2-3 times, so I haven't gotten around to getting it fixed. Well. On Saturday, it happened FOUR times!! Don't get me wrong - if you wait around a little while, it eventually gets bored with the whole thing and decides to start again. But, considering my plans to drive from Colorado to Texas in May, then drive from Texas to Las Vegas in June, AND considering all of the many vast areas of abject nothing-ness between and among all of those different states, I decided it might be time to get that little problem seen to!

SO, I took my sweet Snaab into the dealership yesterday (dealership?? Am I high?? Yes, but that's a whole different story for a different day) and then popped next door to Enterprise to rent myself a cute little little convertible Porsche or Mercedes or something. Well, I ended up with one of the ugliest cars on the road (in my opinion), which I will NOT elaborate on for fear of offending a proud owner. Not only is it ugly, but someone apparently locked themselves in it, rolled the windows up and chain-smoked unfiltered Camels for about a month. It stinks to high heaven. It seems to be in the ventilation system, because the longer I drive it, the more it stinks. Reminds me of one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes (mutant B.O.), but I digress.

I have left the windows open, I bought an air freshener, I Febrezed the living HECK out of it, with the result that it now smells like someone smoked a slightly minty carton of FLOWERY cigarettes in it. Honestly, I've never met a stench that Febreze couldn't eliminate, or at least improve significantly. I am going to have to threaten the dealer's life if my beloved Snaab isn't ready today - I absolutely cannot be in this car another minute!!

Question of the day: can you get lung cancer from breathing second-hand smoke left in a CAR? Hmmmmmmmmm, maybe I can sue... Hack, cough...

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