Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Can you play sports in Las Vegas??

So, here I am, it's APRIL, for heaven's sake, and I'm all wrapped up in my favorite Cheesehead quilt and waiting for the snow we're supposed to get tomorrow. Snow, for heaven's sake. The burning question is...since you can't play sports in Denver when it's snowing, can you play sports in Las Vegas when the asphalt is melting? And if not, then when will Chase ever play sports?? I guess sports in Nevada, like everywhere else, revolve around the weather. I guess July is NOT the time he will play soccer (that's when he played in Green Bay)! Around here, you can play tennis year-round because they have domes to play in. I wonder if Vegas has domes for precisely the OPPOSITE kind of weather?

I'm thinking of this because I just dropped Chase off at his tennis lesson, and as soon as I pick him up, his carpool will arrive to whisk him off to soccer practice. Bad mom, I know...overscheduling...I know, I know. Tennis will change to Tuesday in two weeks, so it won't be so bad! I even had to ask his teacher to give him his Wednesday homework on Tuesdays so he would have a chance to actually do it! Bad mom...bad mom...bad mom... Luckily, he has the greatest teacher in the history of teaching, and luckily she loves Chase, so she agreed. Bad mom...bad mom...bad mom...

So, what, exactly, are my objections to moving to Las Vegas you ask? I'll tell you one of them. The schools are terrible! So, we are considering a private school. That's tough too! The last thing I want to do is change Chase's school yet again once we move there, and there are a lot of private schools, all with a different focus. We are leaning towards a Christian school - they go on mission trips on Spring Break and in the summers, every class does a service project every month, chapel once a week, LOCKERS (that's Chase's favorite aspect of the school), small class sizes, and seems like a generally excellent college-prep education. It's a little bit of a drive from where we are planning to live, but seems do-able. I'm a public school kid, my family are all public school kids, and I've always thought Chase would be one too. BUT, then I never thought we'd live in Las Vegas either, so what do I know? :)

Anyway, these are the things on my mind these days. Feels like the weight of the world is on my shoulders and that I have to make just the right choices or the whole world will collapse. You know that feeling? I absolutely know that if we were to move to Las Vegas that people are people. We will love our neighbors (we always have), we will find a church to love (we always have), we will find activities we enjoy (we always have) and that as long as our family is together and strong, that IT will be fine (it always is). IT being our life in general.

So, the next time I am whining to you...remind me that God has ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS taken such good care of me, and that this new adventure will be no exception.

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Beth said...

Your soccer carpool does not want you to go!B