Friday, April 4, 2008

Creation vs. Evolution

So, on the way home from school today, Chase was uncharacteristically quiet. I asked him if anything had happened at school and he said he was just thinking. When pressed, he said that his class saw a video today that said man evolved from apes. "Isn't that weird, mommy?" he said as he got out of the car. Hmmmmmm. So, what's a mommy to do?

I have some views on this issue. BUT, the very first view, (and I think most important) is "who cares?" God did not intend for us to understand everything He created. He didn't even intend for us to understand everything He wrote (as evidenced by the fact that 2000+ years later, we are still arguing about what the Bible means). IN MY NEVER TO BE HUMBLE OPINION, I think He did all of this on purpose. I think He created us to be curious and interested in the world. I think He created us to not want things spoon-fed to us, but to want to discover things on our own (both from science and from the Bible). That is why I laugh when people say you can't believe in God and science. WHO DO YOU THINK CREATED SCIENCE, PEOPLE?? We have such a creative God and I love that He worked so hard to give us purpose, joy and curiosity.

Therefore (and here is where I'll probably get into trouble with some of you), I think there is no reason that both creation and evolution can't both be true. Why couldn't God have created the earth and life, then let it evolve until that life was "in His image?" Why couldn't Adam have been the first man that God breathed HIS life into...meaning gave a soul. Why couldn't it all be true? NOW, before you jump all over me for writing the "gospel according to me," I am not saying this is what I believe. I simply believe it could be true. Maybe so, maybe not.

So, I'm back to my question - who really cares? Again, God is sovereign, God is omnipotent and eternal. Christ died on the cross for me. When I die, I KNOW my destination. These are the questions that matter to me. When people attack the Bible and say, "Oh, the flood could never have happened..." or "Do you honestly believe the universe was created in 7 days..." or whatever, I say, "God is God, and I do believe that God COULD have done anything He wanted to do." To me, that's the end of the argument. I am SO not going to fight God's battle - I can't, first of all, and I don't believe He wants me to. I believe in the living, breathing, loving, creative, amazing God of the Universe.

So, that's what I'm going to tell Chase. My prediction is that he will sit there quietly, then say, "Cool, Mom. Now, can we go play catch?" And he will continue to ponder the issue. Personally, I believe that is EXACTLY what God wants him to do!

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Miz C (and Burton) said...

I firmly believe creation and evolution can exist together. I LOVED reading your thought processes. I certainly have no answers, but for me, limiting God's "day" to 24 hours as we know it is something I can't buy into. Along your lines of thinking ... maybe it was...maybe it wasn't. I plan to ask him when I get to heaven...just hopefully not anytime soon.