Saturday, April 26, 2008


Divine hubby came home today for the weekend - I have joint custody of him. I share him with his job in Las Vegas. It is fun to see him, and Chase and I are looking forward to seeing him every day again soon!! He and Chase have had fun hanging out today - I had a class at church from 8-2, so they had a nice "boy morning" which included a cholesterol-filled breakfast at the Village Inn, a little wrestling in the living room and then watching "Smackdown" that we taped last night.

Yes, I said "Smackdown." As in, WWE, as in Batista, The Undertaker, The Great Kahli, Rey Mysterio and The Rated-R Superstar. Anybody impressed that I know all of those people? Nah, me either. My divine hubby and my divine progeny absolutely ADORE that show. (sigh) I sigh a lot while they watch it and wonder if I'm allowing permanent damage to be done to my son. BUT, it is good male bonding time (so I'm told) and who am I to stand in the way of male bonding time. Plus, what makes me think I'm actually powerful enough in this family to stop the obsession? Seems unlikely at best!!

So, the secret is out.

Me: My name is STQ and my family watches Smackdown.
You: Hi STQ!

I need to go to a meeting...

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Miz C (and Burton) said...

Me: Hi STQ I do believe I'm going to have to ponder whether or not to revoke "CL" status to that man of yours. SURELY no relative of mine would be interested in such as you describe (kinda like no relative of mine would show up with pink hair?????)