Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Books, books books!

So, I found a new website that is WONDERFUL! It's called It is a website where you list the books you don't want anymore, and other people request them. Then, you mail the books (media mail) to whomever requested them, and you get a credit with You use credits to order books from other people. You pay ONLY the shipping to mail your own books to other people, and pay nothing for the books to come to you. It's a great website, and has a lot of books! I just mailed my first book ($2.31) and am waiting for two books I have ordered. AND, I've already gotten 2 more credits, so I can order 2 more books whenever the mood strikes me! How cool is that? I love it - book lovers helping out book lovers.

Sorry for today's blog to be a commercial, but the more the merrier out there at the website! Sign on today and list books for me to order! Oh, and by the way, if you DO register, please put me down as having referred you. I get a credit!!!

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