Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Long walks and weight loss

SO ( you knew I had to do it, didn't ya?), for the past couple of weeks I have been taking hour-long walks every day. Today, even Rusty got to go! Since Chase has soccer practice three days a week for 90 minutes, I usually walk around the practice fields, but today Rusty and I explored a new part of the neighborhood. I've never been really heavy, but as I approach 40 (eeek!), I've found that the pounds are more obvious and harder to shed. Walking has helped a lot - I'm down 5 pounds since I started almost 2 weeks ago. I'm also trying to eat less, but those of you who know me...are smiling right now! Ain't nobody loves to eat like me! :)

I got a book on tape from the library to keep me company (I am currently the only person in the world without an iPod), but the tape player runs its batteries down in about 15 minutes. Which is a bummer! But, I'm getting Meg's old Zune this weekend from Larry, so I will have a friend to walk with. I always sing when I'm listening to music...even in headphones. I know that is horrifying to my children, and it even embarasses me when I notice I've gotten a little loud.

Regarding my current relocation to Vegas, I've decided it's inevitable, and therefore, the bad attitude needs to change. SO (ooh, I love that word), I told my divine hubby that if my yard has to be covered in rocks, it needs to be rocks around a pool in the backyard. Don't you think that's really a necessity? I do. If it's going to be 120 in the shade this summer, I can't imagine how I will live without one! Plus, it will be too hot to walk, so I'll swim the pounds away. So, color me spoiled, but I'm thinkin' pool, baby. Start making plans to come visit us!


Suz said...


MOM said...

SO, you're now as chubby as your ole mom, eh? Well, keep on walking.

Miz C (and Burton) said...

Walking is great...but I prefer to do mine at the mall. One never knows what bargains are going to jump into one's arms during a walk!

Uhhhh...you will have to scoot over on that IPod-less couch cause I have to sit there, too. I have tried for years to figure out why I need one, but nothing has popped up for the "I need one because..." column. Drat it all!

I've never been to Las Vegas!!!! Make way for aunts and cousins!

40...just a youngster. I'm doing the [gasp][wheeze} this year each time I realize I'm turning 60.

love you!