Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The perks of living in Vegas, baby

Remember my friend Shelly here in Vegas? The one I stalked? (Refer to earlier posts if you're lost - it's a good story!) Well, one of the first things she told me she liked about living in Las Vegas is that people come visit all the time. That has sure been true! We've only lived here 4 months, and have already had more people come visit us here than the nearly 2 years we lived in Denver!

Also, remember that I turned (ahem) 40 in September? Well, before we even left Denver, our wonderful friends the Camps and the Flythes made plans to come visit us for a weekend. And that weekend is finally here! We are very excited and have made all kinds of fun plans for the weekend.

I have waxed eloquently about the value of friends, so I won't bore you again with all of that, but suffice it to say that we have sure missed these dear friends of ours and are looking forward to seeing them on Friday. We just haven't made friends here in Vegas yet. We have some acquaintances that have the potential to become friends, but it takes time, and we haven't been here long enough yet. We've been kinda spoiled because in Austin, of course we had millions of friends. Green Bay, we quickly met our neighbors the Wagners and the Gudgeons and had instant friends. Denver, we had family, a very kid-friendly neighborhood and wonderful fellow soccer moms, so our friendships were made quickly. Those friendships have not materialized here quite so easily.

So, I'm anxiously awaiting our friends' arrival this weekend!! One of them is even bringing their son who is Chase's age, so we'll all have guests to hang out with!


Vegetable House said...

Yay! Have fun!

Beth said...

Can't wait - see you tomorrow morning! Ry is so excited, I am excited and Jeff will be excited, once he gets done working.