Monday, October 6, 2008


First, let me say that I am done with voter registration! Whew. The pay was good, but Saturday it was hard to hang out at the grocery store for ANOTHER 8 hours! So, I'm done. I did my civic duty, if my candidate doesn't win, well, it's not my fault, and I earned the STQ family a little cold hard cash, which I haven't done in 5 months! Felt good. I am waiting to see if they are going to hire me to work early voting, but I doubt it since with Chase's school schedule and activities, I can't work all day. I'll keep ya posted.

So, you know we have a nice house with a great kitchen here in Vegas, right? Pool, hot tub, the whole 9-yards. We have had a series of problems with this house that has required professional assistance.

1. Both A/C's went out and one of them had to be replaced
2. Pool pump died and had to be replaced
3. Weird electrical problem that was investigated several times and magically fixed itself.

Now we have leaks. The bathroom faucet leaks, it leaks under the same sink also. The cold water shower handle has gotten stripped or something and is almost impossible to turn on or off. The kitchen sink is leaking under the cabinet. The toilet in the master bath runs all the time and the water softener leaked a river in the garage. (sigh)

I love that we don't have to pay for these repairs, but I HATE waiting for these people to get off their tushies and come fix things! Our landlords live in Chile. No, that's not a suburb of Vegas. It's in South America. So, we have a property management company. When something breaks, we have to call them, then they call the landlords (who live several time zones away) to get approval. Then the property mgmt company calls the insurance company for approval, then they have to get someone out here. We may drown before anyone gets here. As a matter of fact, the water softener issue has been going on for over a month, and it's still not fixed.

So, I sent a (how shall we say) pointed email to the management company explaining the problems, how long they have been going on and that we need them to be fixed. This week. And if they are not fixed within a couple of days, we are going to call our own plumber to fix the problems and take it off the rent. They aren't going to like that idea, so I hope they'll get off their keesters and fix our stupid leaks! :)


Shelly... said...

You guys have every right to have someone else fix it if they don't within a certain time period. The property management company knows that too. The laws are more on the tenant side in Nevada. Good luck!

Beth said...

you know, jeff will be there this weekend :).

STQ said...

Beth! I wouldn't ask Jeffrey Jeffrey Jeffrey to fix my house on his vacation! Unless I knocked a big hole in the drywall again...but I haven't done that yet!

Vegetable House said...

I heard of a good book and thought of you. It's called "Moving is Murder" and it's about a mom who solves a mystery!