Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day 3

So, are you sick of reading about this whole thing yet? I may not be able to post every day just about the cleanse...from what I've been reading, there won't be much different to say after the first couple of days.

I've gotten used to the cayenne, which means I can add more. According to the book, as the toxins leave your body, you are more able to tolerate the less tasteful aspects of the cleanse. Initially, I thought that was probably bunk, but I have to admit that certain aspects of the cleanse have gotten inexplicably easier. One of the distasteful parts of it is that you have to quickly drink a quart of lukewarm water mixed with 2 tsp of sea salt every morning. Yesterday, it was all I could do to get half of that down. Today, I approached the quart glass with trepidation, but honestly, found it much easier to tolerate. I drank the whole thing, and it really wasn't bad. I am amazed at the difference a day makes. I also am actually enjoying the cayenne. I put much more in today than yesterday, and no problems.

I have fasted several times before, and found it sheer torture to be around people who were eating. I could not stop thinking of food and planning when I would be able to eat again. It is a great way to get closer to God - you pray whenever you are hungry...which for me was nearly constantly. I know I am not exactly fasting since I can drink the lemonade, but considering I've had absolutely no food other than the lemonade (and the salt water) in over 48 hours, I'm truly surprised that I'm honestly not hungry. I'd still rather you didn't eat a Beau Jo's pizza in front of me right now, but I was able to sit with divine hubby and Chase while they ate dinner last night with no problems. Frankly, I'm amazed.

The other thing I have noticed when fasting in the past is that I felt physically weak at the end of it. Again, I am getting a fair amount of sugar from the maple syrup, I realize, but still! I can honestly say I feel great. I'm planning to go for a bike ride this morning - I have that much energy! One odd side effect is that my tongue has turned white and furry...but the book says that will go away when my body is free of toxins. I'll keep you up on that progress. (I know you won't be able to sleep wondering how my tongue is doing - well, tune in tomorrow, sports fans!!)

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Miz C (and Burton) said...

I think I'll experience my "fasting adventure" through my niece, if you don't mind.

YOU GO, GIRL!!!!!!!!