Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cleanse...Day 2

I survived day 1 with really very little problem. My biggest problem was that I put too much cayenne pepper in the lemonade and then took it with me to my substitute teacher training for 7 hours. It was GROSS and I couldn't stomach more than a couple of sips. That left me with no sustenance until 3pm. I decided water was better than, oh, say, Taco Bell, so I got a giant bottle of Spring water and drank that all day.

But, once I adjusted the cayenne pepper, the lemonade is actually very good. I was kinda peckish last night, but I examined my motivation, and honestly, it wasn't hunger. It was just...it's night time, I'm playing on the computer and/or reading my book. Need something to eat. But, really, I didn't. I awoke around 1am and had my first "cleansing" experience. It was impressive and kind of alarming. I'll not discuss these things in too much detail for fear of alienating my audience...

This morning, I feel good. I'm supposed to drink a quart of salt water. It's kinda hard to get down. A quart is a LOT of salt water and salt water is pretty yucky. But, I want to get the maximum benefit from this cleanse, so glug glug. I'm also going to the bookstore today to get a copy of the book this cleanse is based on. It's called Lose Weight, Have More Energy and be Happier in 10 Days and it's by Peter Glickman. Kind of a cheesy title, I know. I'm not doing it because of the weight loss. I'm not so naive as to think it won't come right back when I'm eating real food again. It's more that I'm feeling very bloated, fatigued and downright yucky. And everything I have read says that cleansing really helps with all of that. And if it can jump-start a little weight loss as well, then I'm in, baby!


Anonymous said...

Just thinking about your diet makes my stomach hurt! I am trying the soup diet thing again so I feel your pain!


STQ said...

This is much better and easier than the soup thing...in my opinion. I haven't really been hungry at all and the lemonade is pretty good! I'm sure I'll be sick of it by day 10... good luck with the soup!

Vegetable House said...

You are drinking cayenne lemonade for 10 days!!??!!??