Thursday, May 22, 2008


By this time all of you know four things about me:

1. I am moving to Las Vegas in a week (eeek!).
2. I am not so happy about it.
3. I am working on my attitude and am feeling more positive about it...usually.
4. I whine a lot... :)

I have had my situation put into perspective this week. Our dear friends Darcy and Brent's 10-yr-old son has leukemia. He has been fighting this terrible disease for nearly 3 years now. Over the past couple of days, his fever spiked to 105.7, his port where they give him medications was blocked, so he couldn't get meds, and he has been in isolation in the hospital. Today, he got a blood transfusion which made him violently ill. He is the sweetest, cutest little boy you could ever meet. Big blue eyes, curly blonde hair, and a great, sunny disposition. His 1-year treatment for leukemia has taken nearly 3 years so far, with about 6 months still to go, because of all of the complications, usually which land him in the hospital. Another friend and I are headed over to their house in a few minutes to bring dinner to the older two kids who (again) are left alone while their parents and baby brother fight this devastating disease.

So, my new prayer is: Lord, I will cheerfully move every 10 minutes for the rest of my life if you will keep my family healthy. My life is good.

Perspective is a good thing.


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Miz C (and Burton) said...

I remember standing over Alyson's crib and watching her breathe...just to be sure she was still alive. I can remember the feeling of "borderline panic" when I even THOUGHT of something happening to her. Same thing when Andrea came along. I cannot begin to imagine the pain this family is going through. When I hear of the sickness or death of a child, it always serves as a wake-up call to me and puts everything into perspective. I pray that healing is in their future.