Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

'Tis the day after Mother's Day and all through the house...

No, just kidding. I was going to try and do this post in poem form, but it's too much work, frankly. It was a beautiful Mother's Day here in Colorado yesterday. 80 degrees, light breeze(hey, I'm rhyming after all!), missin' my main squeeze... but I digress. Chase and I went to church, and it was a fantastic service. Left me in tears, and in a good way! Then, we went to lunch at Red Lobster. I was pushing for Italian, but you know how that goes.

THEN, we went home and the real Mother's Day treat began. No, not a spa treatment, no, not even the annual Mother's Day nap...the Mother's Day mowing of the yard. sigh But, it had to be done, and with no husband in sight, and knowing that making Chase do it would be tantamount to doing it myself...I did it. I got the front yard mowed with a minimum of scratches acquired and a minimum of bad words muttered, and then proceeded to the back yard. I thought to myself, "Self, be a responsible mower-owner and check the oil." So, I did. It was low. I added, oh, half a quart. Should be enough, right? I mean, my motto is, you can always add more, so start slow. Yep. It was plenty. In fact, when I proudly started it up again (feeling oh, so responsible, I might add), I was treated to a Mother's Day smoke cloud that probably single-handedly made it an ozone action day in Denver. Apparently, half a quart is a smidge too much. Like maybe 50% too much. Oops. Teach my hubby to leave me to do the yard work, huh?? :)

Luckily, my neighbor saw the cloud, figured I had set myself on fire and came over to put me out. When I told him how "responsible" I had been, he did a good job not laughing RIGHT in my face...He diagnosed my problem, loaned me his lawnmower (but first made me swear I would not add anything to the mower) and I finished the back yard without being reported to Al least, not yet.

The question of the day is...what should the Craigslist ad say? "Moving to Las Vegas, no need to mow the gravel, lawnmower $20." OR "Wife forced to mow yard on Mother's Day. Lawnmower free to first person to pick it up before hubby gets home from work." Whaddya think?

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Miz C (and Burton) said...

I vote for...
"He shouldn't oughta have done it"


"It's NOT my 'department.'"

But...just think of the "gritching rights" you've earned from this experience!!!! Mowing the lawn on Mother's Day should be worth "gritching rights" for at least 10 to 15 years!!!!

and...just in case you're wondering..."gritching" is a combo of "griping" and " *itching "