Saturday, May 3, 2008


I have an addiction. It's to a silly computer game called Zuma. My dear brother and his dear wife gave it to Chase for Christmas. I can't seem to stop playing it! :( So, just a second ago, I deleted it from my computer. After I deleted it, I actually looked at the spot where the icon used to be and felt sad...

Addictions are funny things - I know people who are addicted to cigarettes, to chewing tobacco, to caffeine, to chocolate and even to alcohol. It's funny that we humans take things that make us feel good and make them a bad thing, isn't it? There are studies that say that some alcoholics truly are alcoholics from birth; they just haven't taken their first drink yet. Once that first drink is consumed, the switch is flipped, and their life is almost certainly ruined. That's kind of scary to us parents out there who had their first drink as a teenager! I figure chances are slim that Chase will graduate high school without having had an alcoholic drink - I hope he doesn't have that switch...

I would say I'm fairly addicted to chocolate, at least on the short term. Meaning, if it's around, I really can't resist it. I can resist buying it, and can resist (for a day or so) opening an unopened bag of chocolate, but once that seal has been broken, Katie bar the door. Even though it is TERRIBLE for my digestive system...even though I KNOW I will suffer for it later. Even though it causes me to not fit in my size 10 jeans...somehow, it all seems worth it at the time.

So, poll time - what are you addicted to? C'mon, I know my Aunt Cathye, my husband, my mom and my friend Beth read this at least occasionally. Anybody else out there reading my rantings? I'm addicted to Zuma (where's that install disc??) and chocolate. And maybe crime shows on TV... What's your guilty pleasure? :)


Miz C (and Burton) said...

Oh my goodness, where do I start? Let's see...
...first there was Tetris on the girls' first Nintendo...had to play that until I conquered the top level...and then for several months afterward.
...there was battleship on the computer...had to conquer the huge custom grid..and then had to conquer it again...and again...until I lost interest
...I was severely addicted to chatting online while UJ worked in Dallas Monday-Friday every week. After the girls went to bed, it was my link to adults...sometimes before the girls went to bed. I was convinced I functioned just fine with only 4 hours of sleep at night. That addiction lasted several years. name is chattye...and I'm addicted to Zuma. Uh, too, Susie........but then I discovered Luxor!!!!
...and does taking 1,000 pictures (and KEEPING 90% of them) during 4 days of VBS qualify as being addicted to digital photography????? (I'm only on my 3rd external drive!!!!!)

I have decided I have a bit of an OC personality. I really do tend to get addicted to whatever I'm involved in at the moment...such as learning HTML or doing stuff with the CC program at church.

Sadly, though (or thankfully...depending on your viewpoint) I must admit I have NEVER been addicted to cleaning...or to cooking gourmet meals...or to any of the things a "domestic goddess" should be addicted to. [sigh]

p.s. Glad you're feeling better!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Reading. I am addicted to the written word. When I finish a book, I am sad and clamor for another and when there's not one here, I get panicky.

Oh, and web surfing is a complete and utter time sucker as well.

Ditto for blog reading.... (notice the common thread on all of these?)

Miz C (and Burton) said...

I am patiently waiting for my royalty check. This DID qualify as a submission to "True Confessions"....DIDN'T IT?????????

STQ said...

AC, you bet! That check is comin' soon...keep watching the mailbox! Much love to you and all of your addictions. (We must be related - I am addicted to most of those things too!) :)

Anonymous said...

Carbs (especially potatoes and m and m's) - hence south beach,
Scrapbooking supplies.

Scott said...

I know this comment is a day or two late, but I must confess I am working on kicking my addiction. Diet Coke. Two years ago after trying to go without Diet Coke for several days, I broke down and went next door (away from your old house - north of mine) to see if my friend had a cola of ANY kind in the house. As I approached the garage she saw me and moved to put out her cigarette before she thought I would see her - too late - I figured this addiction out years ago. I told her don't put out your addiction on MY account, I'm here to see if you can feed mine - got any Diet Coke? She only had diet Pepsi, but under the circumstances it was the best substitution there was. Having tried to quit Diet Coke for 3 years now with on again/off again success, I think how difficult it would be to try to quit the other common addictions.

MOM said...

LK. Time to "get honest here" I guess. My addictions include readng, chocolate, napping, and Diet Cokes. Hi. I'm Martha, and I'm a napaholic.