Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What ya take for granted

I grew up in South Carolina. I then moved to San Antonio, then Austin, and lived there 15 years. When you live in a constant state of perspiration, you take humidity for granted.

I now live in Vegas.

I no longer take humidity for granted.

I always thought it would be great to live in a dry climate. In humid climates, my hair flops, my makeup runs, I have to wear deodorant that says "XX" on it, I mean, it's a nasty, miserable existence when the humidity is high. In Vegas, there is no humidity. I laugh when I hear the forecasters mention it. "Relative humidity is 6% today." Laugh out loud. Why bother? It's like reporting on snowfall in August. Ridiculous.

But, it's funny the things you don't realize that are affected by humidity, or the lack thereof. I have to use a MAJOR moisturizer every day, twice a day, or my face dries out like the mummy. And me of the limp hair? Gotta use conditioner EVERY DAY! It's a challenge finding a conditioner that is strong enough to let me actually get a comb through the tangled mess, yet mild enough so that I don't have to put my hair in a ponytail every day. (I'll take advice if you have a product you love!!)

The other thing you learn in an arid climate is that EVERYTHING shocks you. When I say everything, I don't just mean the usual things like the car door, kids going down slides, metal objects, people dragging feet on carpet, etc. Oh, those shock you too, but have you ever been shocked by WATER? or WOOD? I have. Those handy-dandy automatic faucets in the bathroom at the mall? It's almost not worth washing my hands. If you forget to discharge your personal store of electricity first, the water will shock your hand as it comes out of the faucet. I kid you not. And the wood railing in my house regularly shocks me. What is up with that?

I miss a lot of things about Texas and Wisconsin, but NEVER thought it would be the humidity that I would complain about!


Vegetable House said...

I for one, would be happy to lend you as much humidity as you would like!

CW in Bedford said...

I wish I could bottle today's air and send you a truckload. You would make a fortune in Las Vegas!

We never run out of things to be thankful for, do we? Thanks for pointing out that there can be a positive aspect of humidity. Even though I have a curly, frizzy, big do today, I can be thankful.

Shelly... said...

You never get used to getting shocked all the time. I hate it. Next time we get together we can talk about beauty products to help combat dryness. I have found some that work in this climate.

S.I.L. said...

When we first moved to LA I had these scales on my upper eyelids that would not go away and my esthetician told me it was from extreme dryness and I needed to be using a good eye cream twice a day. That product was always something I could forego but not there. I can only imagine that my skin would have peeled right off my eyes if I lived in Vegas. I feel your pain.

Miz C (and Burton) said...

You mean skin isn't SUPPOSED to be dry and scaly?????

NOW you tell me!!!