Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sins of Omission

My dear friend Kale noted on my blog that my friend Mary might have come in for a specific birthday coming up. I noticed that for all my talking, thinking and complaining about it, I have not blogged much about the big day.

So, here I go.

(deep breath...inhale and exhale)

I'm turning 40 next Monday.

Whew! I said it.

I keep looking for grey hair, wrinkles, crow's feet, spider veins, lack of energy, weight gain, driving slowly, starting to say things like my mother used to say, etc. But I've seen none of that!

Oh, wait, I already have all of those things...are they supposed to get worse (shudder) next Monday?

So, I'll be 40 next week. I have been telling people all year that I'll be 40 in September thinking I may get used to the idea if I say it often enough. I love the idea that Hollywood says 40 is the new 30 (ya know, like pink is the new black??). How about we CALL it 30 if it really is? So, on Monday, I'll be 30. I like that better. 30 it is.

You still have time to go shopping - I like the new black (pink) better than the old black (black) if you're curious. :)


Noseallergy said...

I am now a blessed 48 yrs. I had the same aprehensions about turning 40 that you and most women get. But let me tell you...it was the most liberating feeling I ever had. I really came into my own and power came along with that. Not in a bad way though. It seemed even on my birthday I was no longer worried about "what people might say" or what to say. A few days afterward, I was at a street fair and when a bouncer wouldn't let me take WATER out of a bar, I laid into him big time. The owner paid me for the protein shake the bouncer has tore from my hands and I walked outta there feeling like "hear me roar, I am finally here!" Yes, the grays are here, the energy is lower, the chin hairs (WHAT?) need plucking, but those are things that you can't avoid. They will happen. Revel in your new decade, which really is, I believe, the new 30! Best to you.

Vegetable House said...

Here's a title of your next post:
Upbeat Books I Plan to Read at 30

I'm curious if you've gotten any good suggestions.


Lisa said...

I felt the same way when I was turning 40. I was nostalgic for my youth and really looking at 40 as a half way point in my life. I was mopey and down. Do you know what changed my mind? A dear friend of mine lost one of her childhood friends to pancreatic cancer. He was in his early 40s with a wife and 3 daughters. The reality that his life ended so young REALLY made me appreciate my 40th birthday. It put things into perspective for me. No more moping around for me. We're lucky to be here! Happy Birthday!!

Miz C (and Burton) said...

I decided that I had no desire to go beyond 50, so when I hit 50 I started going backward each year. I am now 10 years beyond 50, so that makes me 40!!!

Momsoon said...

I so forgot that it was your birthday coming up! I can't believe that I've known you for more than 1/2 your life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY chica!