Thursday, September 11, 2008

Exciting times

I know everyone is sick and tired of all of the political ads and all of the rhetoric going on in the political world at the moment. Personally, I'm kinda sick of the ads, but I am not at all sick of the process. I love love love (did I mention love??) that people are so energized for this election! I love that most people are actually voting FOR someone they like instead of AGAINST someone they hate.

I love that when we went to our caucus in Colorado, they had to prop the doors open and hope the fire department didn't show up because they were WAY over the occupancy rate.

I love that during the primaries, there was record turnout.

I love that people tuned into the conventions in record numbers.

I love that we have a woman running for Vice President.

I love that we have an African-American running for President.

I just love that people CARE about this election. Everywhere I look, there are young people registering to vote. The school where I worked in Denver? They had a registration table one day. The kids were lined up down the hall to register to vote!

I love this country, and yes, I have my preference, but even if my preference is not elected, I can feel that at least more people participated in the process than in any time in recent history. I know it's still probably not even 50% who will vote (which is tragic), but it's certainly a step in the right direction.

God bless America! (Feel free to put your hand over your heart and sing...I am!)


Miz C (and Burton) said...

I am living proof. I watched BOTH conventions this year (except for the night my cousin and I got a bit long-winded during our phone chat [first time ever!!!]). Watching conventions is something I have NEVER done before.

Vegetable House said...

On the constantly relocating theme.. . My kids and I put together a puzzle of the US and we're guessing based on your previous move pattern that you'll move to Montana, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and then to either Texas or Mexico. I hope that helps you plan your life more than accuweather's predictions have helped us. :)


Vegetable House said...

Hey, since Nevada is undecided at this point, maybe you'll be attending some rallies? Take a picture of Sarah for me!