Monday, August 25, 2008

Value Statement

Here in the STQ family, we have a problem (at least for me). The boys (2, or 3 if you count the dog) outnumber the girls (1). Since Megan is off at college, it leaves me all by my lonesome with these crazy, wrestling-loving boys. Don't get me wrong - I love the time Chase and divine hubby spend together throwing each other around, and they love it too. It is wonderful bonding time and I really do appreciate the testosterone that is exuded while the wrestling is going on.

What I hate is the arguing. The bickering. The constant complaining to and about each other. Did I say I hate it? Well, I absolutely do. Of course, they love it. Drives me nuts.

So, last night I came up with a plan. I have told the darling men in my life that for dinner tonight I want each of us to tell the others the one thing that is most important to them about our family. No, I don't mean the pool...I mean one characteristic that they either already love or wish there was more of in our family. Then, we're going to talk about ways to achieve that for each of us.

I know I'm outnumbered. I know males love the art of the fight. I do not want to take that away and only have frilly little tea parties here in the STQ family. I am not trying to emasculate my divine hubby or Chase. I just think there can be some lines drawn and some attitude adjustments made in order to give another member of the family what (ahem) she wants too.

I also think there is some value in talking about what's important to each of us as individuals. I may be very surprised what divine hubby and Chase come up with. I don't think they will be surprised at what I come up with, but I think there are ways to give us all what we need. I'm going to create a value statement for the STQ family!


Vegetable House said...

You Go, Girl! I think that is a wonderful idea.


Immoral Matriarch said...

I arguing. Does that make me weird? Or a man? Don't tell me I was born a hermaphrodite and my family chose to make me the wrong thing???

Your idea is marvelous. :)