Monday, August 18, 2008

The countdown begins

School starts in two days! Now, those of you who don't know me, but are just kinda checking in may think (gasp) she doesn't love her sweet little Chase. Hopefully those of you who DO know me know that this has been one long, hot, lonely summer for this blonde. And while I do love Chase beyond all reason, and would happily throw myself in front of a car to protect him, I'm SO VERY ready for him to go to school. And not really for the reasons you may think.

1. I'll admit it - I miss my alone time.
2. Chase wil meet some new kids (hopefully there is at least one morally-grounded 10-yr-old at a private religious school, for heaven's sake!).
3. There will be daily activities.
4. I can get a job.

Life has absolutely stopped for us these past couple of months, and while that kind of "nothing-ness" may be great for some people, and even was great for us...for awhile, months of such "nothingness" is not my cup of tea. I prefer a schedule. I like it when most days are planned, and we can spend the weekends just hanging out together. In the summer, it's hard to distinguish one day from another, and by the weekend, I'm so ready to do something that when divine hubby wants to just hang out, I am frustrated. Let's face it - I'm ready for activity to begin again. (Remind me I said that when I'm complaining about projects, tests, reading assigments, karate, etc etc etc.)

So, two days and counting. School begins at 8:30 on Wednesday morning, and we are all ready for our new adventure to begin.

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Momsoon said...

'Fess up, the countdown began long before now, didn't it??? I'm feeling the empathy pains. One more week til Lily returns to "school", and she has asked me every day since we returned to Austin how many more days til she could go back. Racking my brain trying to come up with things to do - Schlitterbahn was on the docket, but storming a bunch here today - thinking bumper bowling instead. Enjoy your freedom when it arrives