Friday, August 8, 2008

The pool guy

Ok, I admit it. I'm afraid of the pool guy. Luckily for us, our rent came with weekly pool service included, but I'm currently closing all blinds and hiding under the table so he won't know we're here when he comes in about an hour.

Why, you ask, am I afraid of the pool guy?

Does he wear a ski mask while cleaning leaves and goo off of the bottom of the pool?
Is he obviously packing heat?
Does he float threatening notes in the hot tub?
Do I think he's behind the obscene phone calls we're getting (just kidding mom, don't worry, our phone doesn't ring at all)?


I am afraid of him because the pool guy has told me more than once that the pool pump needs to run most of the afternoon to keep algae (eww) growth down in the heat. And divine hubby keeps changing it to run in the evening to cut down on the bill. So, two of the men in my life are at odds. AND I think the pool guy is going to come knock on my door when he sees the timer has been changed again.

Oops, there he is - Chase and I are going to hide under the bed!! :)

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Shelly... said...

Too funny! Yeah we are supposed to run our little spa about 6-8 hours a day. Crazy. We did get algae once but that was because the chlorine biscuit evaporated and we didn't refill. Right now we run it from 2-9 pm. It was until 10:00 but the pump is right outside our window and keeps me up. I can't imagine having to run a pump for a full size pool that many hours a day. The utility bills around here are PAINFUL (which you will soon find out if you haven't already)!!