Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Stalkers, jobs, schools, etc

I met Shelly, the woman I stalked (refer to earlier post), at Starbucks last night, and no, dad, she wasn't a Pakistani terrorist, she didn't try to get me to run away with her to become a 40-something-woman adult movie star (is there such a thing??), nor did she hold up a bank with me as her hostage. We recognized each other immediately, and enjoyed a nice evening chatting. It was fun to have a quiet adult evening out with a girlfriend - haven't had that in awhile!

As far as jobs go, it's gotten more complicated. The 1st job is still deciding if there IS in fact a job after all and will let me know, oh, sometime before school starts. There is now a 2nd possible job. It's at yet another school. So, the long and the short of it is that we still don't know where I will work and we still don't know where Chase will be in school. (sigh) Hey, it's still 2 whole weeks away, why the heck am I rushing this? :( Those who know me know that it just drives me crazy not to have a plan, and to have things up in the air. I'm nowhere NEAR Type A (you should see the mound of dishes in the sink), but when it comes to planning my life, I like to have it...planned. And more than 5 seconds in advance. BUT, God seems to think I need to work on that, since He keeps changing things on me, so I guess it's good for me. It's driving me nuts, though...

So, life in Vegas is what it is. I've met some people, Chase has a couple of acquaintances he can play with if push comes to shove, and we're muddling through. Say a prayer for stability, if you're the praying sort. I'm really struggling with all of this change, and then more change, oh, and now you think you know something about your life? Let's change it some more.

I gotta load the dishwasher so we can eat breakfast...have a great day!


Shelly... said...

I had a nice evening talking with you too. I really have missed female companionship since I moved here. I think that has been the hardest thing about moving away from all the friends and family. I would love to get together again! Maybe we can meet at a bookstore or something. We still have a lot to talk about! :) Good luck with the job search. I hate things not being figured out until the last minute too. I like to plan!

Vegetable House said...

Start a book club! :)