Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer is officially over

Chase heads to his new school today. Last night we were talking before bed, and he said he was a little bit nervous, but then he said (putting a sympathetic hand on my shoulder), "Mommy, I'm going to be fine. Remember Green Bay and Denver? I was just fine there, and this is going to be fine too. I promise. You don't have to worry about me." sniff sniff

What a great kiddo I have. He has absolutely rolled with every punch, and we've had a few punches in the past four years. He's right - he will be just fine. We have worked hard to make sure his school is safe and challenging, and I know his very best friend in the world is waiting for him in the 5th grade classroom.

So, now it's my turn. I gotta get myself gainfully employed! I've applied for several jobs I found online, but I really think that may not do it. The unemployment rate is high here, and the kinds of jobs I'm applying for are likely to draw a lot of interest (part-time, school-year only). I think I'm going to have to hit the road, Jack.

On the bright side - the Packers/Broncos game is being broadcast live this weekend! We're hoping for the best from our first post-Favre season.

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