Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oh how the mighty has fallen

If you ask me to define myself, I'll give you a laundry list:

Rabid emailer
Good daughter
Armchair quarterback
Rabid Packer fan (Go Pack)
Etcetera, etcetera

One of the most recent additions to that list is the last one. The first of my constant relocations was from Austin, TX to Green Bay, WI. We really embraced small-town USA; we loved the people (Hi Kim!!), we enjoyed the snow, we bought the world's best house on a great street, we had a great church and we grew to love,love,love those wonderful Packers.

We also loved Brett (as any good Packer fan should). He is an icon, a role model and just an all-around great guy. Or I guess I should say he WAS all of those things. If you have been living under a rock (or if you just don't care about sports), I'll tell you that Brett "the fink" Favre has forced the Packers to trade him to the Jets. Trade him. What a schmo. And he is blaming it on the Packers General Manager, Ted Thompson (who went to high school with divine hubby, by the way). Um, did you NOT retire all by yourself, Fav-re? Um, did you NOT cry on national TV and say you were done? Um, did you think, in your ultimate selfishness, that they wouldn't REPLACE you? Um, you thought that when you decided to come back AGAIN a month after the last possible second, they would just kick Aaron Rodgers to the curb and throw a parade? Um, NO!!! I guess he thought the Pack would just play without a QB if the almighty Brett wasn't going to play. What an arrogant, childish, selfish schmuck he has turned out to be.

I hope the Packers don't retire his number. Give it to the 4th string QB, since that is what Brett has turned out to be. 4th rate. We expected more from ya, Brett.


Anonymous said...

Now we all know that you LLLLOOOVVVEEE the Packers, but I thought Sunshine Peak was your absolute favorite place to live. That they were the best neighbors and friends ever!!!!!!! I'm crushed.


STQ said...

Oh, Miz K, you know we LLOOOVVVEEEDDD Sunshine Peak! And we REALLY LLLLOOOVVVEEDDD those K folks (especially the bagpipe playing and fire-juggling!)...I just meant we loved Green Bay for its small-town-ness. Denver is great, but it is a BIG city, man! You know I love ya, my friend - now, I don't miss ALL of the neighbors on SP....... :) How are the newest neighbors? Still smokin' in the garage on the couch?

Kate said...

I've been following this with interest (as a rabid football fan myself) and have been curious how the green bay fans would view the situation. All we see on the news are the pro-Favre fans who have been making a ruckus at practice.

Do you think you are in the minority in your opinion or do you think most other Packer fans put the team first also?

STQ said...

Kate, I don't know. I sure hope that the Packer fans are behind the TEAM, not Brett being arrogant and selfish, but not being in Green Bay, it's hard to say. I think it's sad hearing how many people are harassing poor Aaron Rodgers and criticizing him for doing his job. I'm so disgusted with Brett, it's shocking. I've always been a Brett fan. I hate this prima donna attitude. It's called a TEAM. Not the Brett Favre show. You do what's best for the greater good. That's my opinion, anyway. Apparently, it's not Brett's.

S.I.L. said...

Whew...when I heard the news I knew you would be completely UP IN ARMS about this. (and rightly so). Sorry he has fallen from grace.