Thursday, January 29, 2009

Adventures in substituting chapter...6?

I have lost track of how many stories I have told you about my subbing adventures, but today was one of the best.

I subbed in a severely emotionally challenged (SEC) class in an elementary school today. There were 5 boys ranging in age from 6-8 in the class AND I had an aide. (You know how I love a class with an aide...) The boys were absolutely adorable, and the day was a real adventure. For one thing, it was field trip day!! We went bowling for the majority of the morning, and had a wonderful time. Field trips are always fun!

I know I have told you this before, but I love special ed. And these kids were no exception. There was a moment today when one of the boys lost control, overturned a desk in a rage and threw a world-class tantrum. That was a little bit scary, but thankfully, the aide knew how to deal with it and I simply stood out of the line of fire and let her handle it. She had to restrain him physically, and it was hard to watch. That kind of thing happens fairly often in SEC classes, and it was disturbing to me. Another reason I am glad to have an aide!!

Anyway, it was a great day - interesting, educational, entertaining and enjoyable. All the hallmarks of a great day subbing.


Barb said...

I think you're attitude is amazing! How great for those kids that they got to have you!

Kristine said...

Those kids can be scary, but when they're not, they're really great!

Vegetable House said...

Hey STQ -- Love your blog, love your adventure stories. You go!