Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I am going to tell you how I am feeling RIGHT THIS MOMENT

**...but first, I'm going to digress. I know, how unusual.**

So, I was wondering how a person gets thousands of people to read her blog and gets asked to write guest blogs and becomes a blog goddess. Then it occurred to me that I might have a better chance of any and all of the above if I wrote more than one entry a week.


Ok, so back to the topic at hand.

So, STQ, how are you feeling RIGHT THIS MINUTE?

I am feeling superb. We have a new (well extremely used, but new to us) car in the garage, we have some friends who have invited us over for dinner on Valentine's Day, I am enjoying subbing (mostly), the weather has been amazing, I ate a chili dog for dinner (I love me some chili dogs...), we went to church and enjoyed a great service, I am anticipating a girls' weekend here in Sin City, we are leading a Financial Peace University class at our church in a couple of weeks, Chase is officially IN at the school where we want him to go, I have a new book club to look forward to every month, we may be FINALLY getting over the cold we've all been passing around for about 6 weeks, divine hubby enjoys his job, the kitchen is clean (hallelujah), and all is right with the world here in Vegas.

I hope things are great in your corner of the world too. I'm praying for my friends with marriage problems, for my sweet sister-in-law mourning her divine hubby's untimely death, for my friends who have illnesses and for those who have lost jobs or homes due to the economy. I love all of you and wish you a great evening and a great day tomorrow!


The Rents said...

When children are happy, mothers and fathers are happy. Color us happy in South Carolina.

Kristine said...

I don't know how those people do it either.

So glad things are looking good for you.

Vegetable House said...

I'm so glad to hear it, STQ. Awesome!

More blogs are good too!

Barb said...

This is a great post. It's lovely to hear someone sound content and happy--gives us all a little extra spring in our steps.

s.i.l. said...

Great news, Susie!