Monday, January 19, 2009

Mea culpa

Today, I officially lost it. I listened to too much talk radio, I watched too much CNN and FOX news, I read too many blogs and news reports on TV, and I lost it. This blog has never been about politics (ok, occasionally a little bit) and I have absolutely NO interest in it becoming about politics. I got very involved in this election, and have not quite gotten over the results. I have even been considering running for office, but am now rethinking that.

The problem is, I can't turn it off. There is so much that is upsetting and disturbing and downright WRONG about American politics, on both sides of the aisle, frankly. It keeps me up nights when I am immersing myself in it. And I think even if I were President (heaven forbid), I couldn't actually change much of it.

Some people find that exciting, I guess. Or challenging, or whatever. I find it absolutely maddening, and it gets my blood boiling when I think of all of the idiocy that happens in the name of government. Our founding fathers are getting no eternal rest, rolling constantly in their graves at the insanity we have allowed our country to embrace.

And honestly, there is no fixing it. It's like trying to patch a leak on a giant water pipe made of chicken wire. The problems are too big, and too prevalent. (I'm getting all depressed again...)

So, I've decided NOT to obsess about it anymore. I allowed myself to get all manic and crazy today, and it absolutely ruined the day for me. Ruined a perfectly good MLK day where the temp was 70, the skies were blue and all was right with the world.

Tomorrow, I will let the world celebrate, and be happy for what I have. I have a great marriage with a wonderful man, 2 fantastic kiddos, a warm home full of laughter and love, tons of loving family, friends to die for and generally a great life. Tomorrow, I will take the burden of running the world OFF of my shoulders (whew) and let it run itself.


Kristine said...

It's hard not to obsess about it. I do that too. The next 4 years would have been scary no matter who was elected, I suppose. I'm just taking one day at a time.

S.I.L. said...

Wow. You seem very angry about the current political situation. I am wondering why and I would ask you to elaborate but that would get you talking and obsessing again and we don't want that! Maybe when you calm down more.

STQ said...

I heard about all of the hoopla surrounding the inauguration, all of the costs associated with it and lost it. It just seems like when people are being laid off, companies are closing and people are losing houses, we don't need to spend millions on a party. I still think it was a HUGE waste, but I understand it. I'm just sad that there was no way to scale it back considering the economy. The US has a LOT better ways to spend a hundred mill right now. Just my 2 cents worth.

S.I.L. said...

I know. I agree with you on that completely. I just think that's one of those things that has always (at least in my adult lifetime) been exorbitant. I think it will probably always be that way, no matter who the politician or party.