Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yet another reason Chase is in private school

Tonight is the much-anticipated state of the state speech by our exalted Governor here in Nevada. As is the case across the nation, it's not going to be his most upbeat and positive speech, for sure. Nevada leads the nation in foreclosures, has a higher-than-average unemployment rate and has a beyond pathetic educational system.

So, how are we going to address these issues, you may ask? Well, one way they are planning to help out us little folks is by CUTTING teacher pay by 6%.

Um, what??

Yep, that's the brilliant idea here. The GOOD schools stink and are dangerous here. People are selling their excess organs on ebay in order to pay for private school. So, let's cut the pay of the already pitifully-paid teachers so the ones who are actually hanging on for the sake of the kids will quit and we'll be stuck with the ones who simply don't have the drive or initiative to quit and find something that pays more than minimum wage for your Master's in Education. FANTASTIC IDEA. Really thinkin' big picture, fellas.

Can't wait for the gazillion dollar study to be done on this little gem 10 years from now.

Question: Was this a good idea?
Answer: No. ($100,000)

Question: Uh, why not? It saved us tons of money!! Especially when the good teachers left in disgust and the only ones left were the ones who would never qualify for a raise in the first place. Think of the savings!!
Answer: Our children can no longer speak ANY language, no one has any idea what the capital of Ohio is (or on what continent you might find it) and the number of seniors who can add double-digit numbers has dropped to a single-digit percentage. ($100,000)

But think of the savings.

I hate to be a nay-sayer, but I think this is a very bad idea. The other reason it's a bad idea is because teachers' pay is protected by LAW. So, as soon as our idiot legislators pass this, the teachers' union will sue them.

More money for lawyers, less money for everybody else while they battle this out. And the state will probably lose, so we'll have LOST money while trying to squeeze savings out of the LAST PLACE THEY SHOULD HAVE EVER LOOKED.

When in heaven's name will they realize that cutting EDUCATION is a terrible, pointless, heartless and truly stupid idea? I mean, really. I'd rather drive through a few more potholes than have our future generation knocked down yet another rung on the importance ladder. Or, (heaven forbid) pay our legislators a little less...


Miz C (and Burton) said...

You're dangerously close to my "soap box" here. I keep wondering why so few people realize that without good teachers, we would have NO other professions!!!

Things are pretty pathetic in San Angelo, but apparently nothing like in Nevada. Apparently some folks...unfortunately many of them in powerful places...DID just "fall off the turnip truck!"

Vegetable House said...

Preach it, sister!

Edward and EM said...

We have just posted one lung, one kidney, and half a liver each on e-Bay so Chase can stay in private school.

Laura O said...

Starting in September, I'll have 1 boy in an all-boy high school, 1 girl in an all-girl middle school, and 2 younger kiddos still in pvt. grade school. Try arm, leg, kidneys, and my generous mom's available organs - she gave one kidney to my dad, so she's only got one left! I can go on and on about this - and have officially quit arguing with my BIL about it - I get too upset, esp. since he doesn't have kids!