Monday, December 29, 2008

A Southern Christmas

I packed up Chase, Divine Hubby and myself, sent the dog to "Puppy camp," put a giant bowl of food in the hamster's cage and we flew South for Christmas. My parents still live in the small town in SC where I grew up. It's funny that after being gone for 20+ years, I hardly recognize the place! It doesn't help that the 'rents moved and are now living in a different area of town, but really, it's not that big...

One of the things that hurts the most is that Baskin Robbins is gone. Location of my first job, and where I spent most of my free time during my high school days. Many good (and weird) memories there. It's now a Waffle House. That's just wrong... Also Cato - a cheapo clothing store where I worked (and the site of yet more weird memories) is now part of a gigantic Home Depot. sigh

Most of my friends have relocated around the country as well. There are a few still lurking around, but this was such a quick trip, there just wasn't time to visit with them. I did run into a friend I haven't seen since, oh, 1986...we had a great time catching up, and I feel like I have a new friend. I remember why I liked her so much in high school and hope we will keep in touch this time!

My brother and his wife also joined us for Christmas, and that was a lot of fun. Yeah, yeah, seeing them was good too...but they brought my 1-yr-old niece Haven with them. Not sure I remember actually seeing or talking to anyone else once she showed up! I love to hold and play with other people's babies, and it's particularly good when she's my adorable niece!!

We also enjoyed spending time with my 'rents and with my Aunt Susan who came all the way from California to spend Christmas with us! She is so much fun to be around - has a great big laugh and fantastic stories to share.

It was one of the best Christmases we have had in awhile - it was fun to be back in my home town and it was fun being with family there. Hope your Christmas was fun too!

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