Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Adventures in Substituting Chapter 2

So, yesterday, I had the best day subbing I've ever had - bar none! I subbed in a pre-K class, and met the absolute most adorable, cutest and most fun little 4 year olds in all of Vegas! I loved it, and would sub in that class every day, if asked!

Today, I got a job subbing in a good suburban school - nice neighborhoods, certainly NOT at-risk, brand new school, etc. Subbing in a second grade classroom. I mean, how hard can second graders be, right? I have subbed in the 'hood, man. Where I am SURE the kids were on crack, if not outright dealing in front of me. I can handle it - I'm tough, and these are 7 year olds! Again I ask you, how hard can it be?


Let me just say that as long as I've been subbing, I've not been reduced to tears once. And like I said, I've subbed in the 'hood. I cried today by 11am. I had a 7-year-old take his cell phone (who knew 7-yr-olds had cell phones, but I digress) into the bathroom with him and call his mother to report that the substitute was HURTING THE KIDS IN THE CLASS.

I was the substitute.

I'm teaching to a fairly rowdy and difficult group when suddenly the Assistant Principal came in and gathered the kids around her to have a "chat." She then explained the situation (right in front of my astonished face) and asked,

AP: Now, children. Has Mrs. STQ asked you to do anything dangerous (huh)?
Angelic children: Nooooooooooo Mrs. Swan
AP: Has Mrs. STQ asked you to do anything illegal (what)?
Angelic children: Nooooooooooo Mrs. Swan
AP: Has Mrs. STQ hurt any of you in any way? (at which point I nearly lost it)
Angelic children: Noooooooo Mrs. Swan
AP: Has Mrs. STQ yelled or called names to any children? (nearly lost it again)
Angelic children: Noooooooo Mrs. Swan.
AP: Now, children. Let's talk about the boy who cried wolf.

And she proceeded to tell the kids the story of the boy who cried wolf while I was reeling from the accusation I was hearing towards ME!

AP: Now, children. Let's get back to work and let's all pay close attention to Mrs. STQ the rest of the day.

And she left. Just like that - no explanation or discussion to me, no secret wink that everything is ok, no nothin. She just left me alone with my accusers.

At that point, I WANTED to hurt the children...no, I didn't really, but I sure was mad and upset, can you blame me?

During my 15-minute lunch, instead of eating, I found the AP and asked her what the heck was going on! Apparently one parent was called from the cherub with the cell phone in the bathroom, and that parent called her closest friends with kids in the class and they were gathering an angry mob to run on my class with torches to run me out! (This was the part where I cried...a little)

Oh, do you remember that these kids are SEVEN? I repeat. OH. MY. GOSH.

I was then abused by these pint-sized terrorists the rest of the day (should have called my mommy to report it I guess) and left feeling like I'd been beaten with a stick. One of the other teachers said this as I left:

Mrs. Way-Too-Cheery-To-Be-Believed: Bye, Mrs. STQ - be sure to leave your phone number so we can call you again soon!

Me: (thinking silently, as I waved and ran as fast as possible from the building) Yep, I'm gonna just run right back in to do that. I'm dying to come back to this FANTASTIC place...

Can't wait.


Miz C (and Burton) said...

And there were no repurcussions for the dear sweet child who made the initial phone call????????
(Perhaps something such as hanging him up by his toes for a couple of hours!) If not, the AP needs to be put in "time out" for about a month!!!!!!!!! Just hearing about it made my blood pressure shoot off the charts...and scared me, too!!!

Minimeltdown said...
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S.I.L. said...

I wish I could say I was horrified and shocked by this story but it's par for the course in some schools these days. While it's hard enough being a teacher it's even harder being a sub because you don't have time to build a rapport with the kids and thus they are often downright abusive because they see you as replaceable and transient. I'm so sorry this happened to you. People think that just because kids are small or young doesn't mean they can't be mean, hurtful and intimidating but alas, that's not true. It's so unbelievable.

Shelly... said...

What a little punk. Scary to think what he is going to be like when he grows up. So, did any of the administration ever say anything to you about it? Wrong, just wrong...

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about your day! Everyday I hear something new about the future generations of our country, that makes me sick. Just another reason why my "little darlings" are so not getting cell phones for Christmas!!! Keep smiling, I've heard for every 3 of those type of people there is 1 with a heart who makes it all worth while.
: )

STQ said...

I don't know if the little darling was hung up by his toenails or not (had he been my little darling, he certainly would have been)- very little was shared with me about the whole debacle! I am currently looking for another career move... And Tammie - I'm still holding out with ya - Chase is NOT getting a cell phone until high school! You stay strong, girl! :)

Momsoon said...

Oh my. I feel bad because I found myself chuckling at the story, and there's really nothing whatsoever to chuckle about. It just sounds like a scene out of some made-for-TV movie. So sorry, Susie!

S.I.L. said...

S, What about at Chase's school? Often the private schools have better subbing experiences to offer. Or maybe a different career entirely!