Thursday, December 4, 2008

Houston, funerals & family

traffic was atrocious, steamy and 80 on Wednesday, great airport, airport VERY FAR AWAY from where we stayed, seeing nephew and wife's new and beautiful house, playing guitar hero (FUN!!), windy and rainy, BAD for STQ's hairdo...Very very bad...

beautiful service, fun reminiscing about Don, lots of great food, lots of great family, loads of laughter remembering Don and his big laugh, life and love, and loads of tears remembering Don, his big laugh, life and love.

Marcelle, Maresha, Sharlyn, Myrline, JC, Cathy, Ryan, Janie, Adam, Shannon and the STQ family. Plus the Laws family, old family friends and Don & Janie's friends in Houston.

The trip was grueling, the humidity was uncomfortable, the clothes were hot, but the family was close, the tears were shared and the love was palpable. So many people were surprised Chase and I went to the funeral, since he wasn't my brother, and it cost a lot of money and time to get there. I am so very thankful we went. It was a fitting goodbye to a big man who had a big impact on our little STQ family. I know I have devoted a lot of time to him in this usually random and kind of silly blog, but this has been a real tragedy for our family.

So, one last time - we love you Don. We miss you, and we expect to see you first in line someday at the pearly gates saying "KISS MY FACE" like you used to as you crush us in a big bear hug. I wonder if you can have the air crushed out of your eternal body like you can your earthly one? Well, I know he will try his very best.

Bye Don.