Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My baby is growing up

The signs are all there. He can take showers by himself and dry his own hair, he can iron his own clothes (yes, really!!), he can change his own sheets, he talks on the phone to his friends, he cops a 'tude with the best of them, and now the child has braces. Yes, braces!! Well, the beginnings of them, anyway. They put an expander in his mouth yesterday, and we have the adventure of turning it every night for 28 nights to make his mouth bigger for the gigantic chiclets that are replacing those lovely little corn-kernel baby teeth he used to have.

I remember when he was a baby. Colicky, fussy, refused to breastfeed, very high-energy and high-strung. And that's all before his personality began to show itself! My Chase is most definitely his own man and has been since the word go. I have often said that we got what we asked for when we named our son an action verb...

But, despite all of the difficulties we've had, Chase has grown into an incredible young man. The principal at his school recently singled me out to tell me just that. And it was in the context of Chase being caught doing something wrong! The principal said he was so impressed with Chase's contrite attitude, apology, and willingness to make it right, that it made a real impression on him.

I remember one time when Chase was in the 2nd grade. When he got home from school, I told him I had missed him, and that it was lonely at our house when he was at school. He looked bewildered and said, "Mommy, you're not alone. God is here with you when I'm at school!" Brought tears to my eyes.

Funny, Chase was so (ahem) challenging as a little boy, I would have bet you cash money that we were going to have terrible trouble with him in school. The exact opposite has occurred. He's in the 5th grade, and every single teacher he has had has absolutely loved him. He is a good student, but I think even if he was pushing straight C's, he'd be a favorite. He's just a loving, kind, helpful, attentive, cheerful kid, and what teacher doesn't love that kid?

So, tis the season of the annual family brag letter. I didn't get my act together to get one sent (again) this year, so I thought I'd just brag here in my blog. Stay tuned - there is more bragging, um I mean info coming tomorrow!


Miz C (and Burton) said...

Brag away, girl...you have every right to brag!!! I certainly won't be contradicting anything you say 'cause I totally agree with you. I will, however, reserve a few chuckles and giggles for his teen years. [sweet innocent smile]

Cara said...

This is very encouraging to hear. My 2 1/2 year old is very energetic and challenging to say the least. I worry that this will continue on as get older but I hope that he settles down as he matures.