Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tales of a cross-country runner (no, not me, sheesh!)

Two entries in two days...I'm on a roll!  Now, I don't have to post again until 2013.  :)

Just wanted to brag on my youngest kiddo a bit...he is a cross-country runner.  Not just a runner, but a bonafide champion.  He can run a mile and a half in 9 minutes flat.  He's amazing!  To be fair, God created those long skinny legs for running, and we did name him Chase...

He has done very well in his meets this year, and we are prouder than we can say.  What we are most proud of, however, is not the shiny, new second place area-wide medal he has hanging in his room, but the comment I got tonight from another parent.  Chase has come in second in all of his meets this season.  Second to the same fast kid every single week.  Along with coming in second every single week, he has (without prompting from anyone) gone up to the kid who won the race and congratulated him.  Every. Single. Week.  The kid never says anything in return except a mumbled thanks.

Tonight, that kid's mom came up to me, and after a little small talk about our speedy kids, she told me what a wonderful young man my son is.  Now, that is NOT news to me, but since this woman really doesn't know us, I was led to ask why she said that.  She told me that she has watched him go up to her son every single week and congratulate him.  She said she has told her son to go up to Chase to congratulate him on a good race first, but he never did.  She was very impressed with my sensitive, thoughtful, long-legged action-verb of a son.

And I am too.

It's times like these that make a mama proud...



melany said...

Now we're even more proud of him!!! That is so 'Chase' :-) He really is an AMAZING kid. I'm so happy for him to be Sawyer's friend, and mine!

Vegetable House said...

What a man!! I teared up, too. Maturity like that is hard to come by in young-uns these days!